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Flat batteries, chassis numbers and more

The week started in an eventful manner for me. I took the train up to the Midlands to collect a Porsche 996 Cabriolet. All went well on the return journey until I hit a massive traffic jam on the A34 south of Oxford. The traffic was stop-start and, as I went to edge forward, I stalled the engine. And it wouldn’t restart – the battery was flat. Odd when I’d be driving for a couple of hours. Typically, I was in lane two, so I asked the driver behind me to push me as close into the central reservation as […]

Having fun with the Porsche configurator

I’ve just been doing some research for a magazine article and wanted to see how much one could spend on a new Porsche 991 Carrera. I used the online Porsche configurator and, taking the most expensive model – the Carrera GTS Cabriolet – as a starting point I added every conceivable option to come up with a 911 costing a cool £145,000. Now, you’d be mad to do this – you could buy a 991 Turbo for that money – but it is a fun exercise. I have to admit, though, that the Porsche I created is a bit of a […]

Top Gear and the Porsche 996

One of the most memorable episodes of Top Gear was when they took a Porsche 911 Carrera, BMW 645Ci and Jaguar XKR to Pendine Sands in Wales. The filming was sublime, the commentary entertaining and the sideways action hilarious. I found the footage online recently and what really stuck me was how enthusiastic Richard Hammond was about the 911 calling it, among other things, “rare, visceral and exciting” and “a great car”. He just couldn’t stop gushing over it. You can watch the full feature at the bottom of this page. What’s odd about that, you may be thinking, as Hammond […]

Fuel is dropping in price, so buy a Porsche!

Most Porsches are surprisingly affordable to run, in terms of fuel economy and servicing, while the lack of depreciation on many models means that a Porsche can be cheaper to own than a new ‘ordinary’ car that will plummet in value. Now, though, petrol prices are dropping almost daily with a dip to £1 a litre on the horizon. And if you shop at Tesco, you can get as much as 20p a litre reduction by using your Clubcard. That makes even filling up a Cayenne Turbo a painless process! It’s always a good time to buy a Porsche, but with promises […]