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Porsche country codes

Porsche country codes

Which country was a Porsche built for? It is usually easy to find out by looking at the VIL sticker which lists the car’s option codes. The first code listed on the sticker is the country code. Here is a list of all the Porsche country codes:

Porsche country codes

C00 Germany
C02 Rest of USA (in 1991 became all of USA)
C03 California
C04 Puerto Rico
C05 France
C06 French colonies
C07 Italy

C08 Japan (LHD)

C09 Sweden
C10 Switzerland
C11 Austria
C12 Denmark
C13 Finland
C14 Taiwan
C15 Hong Kong
C16 UK
C17 British service personnel stationed in Germany
C18 Japan (RHD)
C19 Luxemburg
C20 Holland
C21 Norway
C22 Belgium
C23 Australia
C24 New Zealand
C26 South Africa
C27 Spain
C28 Greece
C31 Saudi Arabia
C32 Arab Gulf States
C33 China
C36 Canada
C45 Singapore
C69 France (pre-1986)
C72 Switzerland (pre 1986)
C98 non-specific RHD production (Cyprus etc)
C99 Special

Porsches for different territories could have different equipment but, increasingly, there are less differences from one country to another compared to a few years ago.

Locating the VIL sticker

The VIL sticker (below)  is usually (but not always) found in the car’s service book and (until about 2004) under the bonnet, so that’s where you have to look for the Porsche country code. The sticker below has the Porsche country code C16 which means it is a UK car.

VIL sticker and Porsche country codes

The VIL sticker shows the country code – in this case C16 for the UK.

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