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Porsche 964 vs Cayman R – full video

Porsche 964 vs Cayman R – full video

Last year, I spent a couple of weeks with a television production company helping with a show comparing a modified Porsche 964 Carrera 4 with a modern Cayman R. At long last, the finished show is available, and contains stunning footage shot on the Isle of Skye and London’s Docklands.

Dressed in black with black sunglasses, my job was to be the anonymous ‘other’ driver in the car not being used by the presenter. Whizzing around closed roads on the Isle of Skye was a lot of fun and it’s amazing that so many days’ filming has been condensed into less than 30 minutes.

For better or for worse, a short interview with me and Porsche engine builder Nick Fulljames hasn’t been included in the final cut.



  • Lilian Viéville says:

    I saw this video couple of months ago and really enjoyed it.
    Since I try to find it back…
    Could you please share it again ?
    Many thanks for that !
    Lilian, from France

  • Philip says:

    Hi Lilian

    Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, the film is no longer available on YouTube.

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