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Baby seats for Porsche 911s

A common question I get asked is “Will a baby seat fit in the back of a Porsche 911 or 944”. It’s a good one but not easy to answer. My children are teenagers now and when they were little baby seats were so much smaller, and pretty much any would fit in the back of our 911. Today, though, modern legislation has made baby seats substantially larger, to the extent that many won’t fit in the small seats in the back of two-plus-two Porsches such as 911s. There are, though, some which fit; it’s just a case of trying some to […]

Rising classic Porsche prices

The fact that a Porsche 964 Carrera 2 RS (above) sold for a record-breaking £215,000 at auction recently has been big news that has caused shockwaves around the Porsche world. That’s big money, even for a super-low-mileage RS, and will undoubtedly have a positive effect on prices of other 964s and, indeed, in classic Porsches in general. We’ve seen noticeable increases in air-cooled 911 prices over the last year and, in turn, increased demand for good examples. 993s, in particular, get snapped up very quickly, with people almost fighting over them. We had the same thing with a trio of 964 […]

Porsche 911 Turbo – fuel economy vs depreciation

New Porsches offer remarkable fuel economy, a fact which fellow motoring writer Richard Aucock today flagged up on Twitter with this photo (above) of a Porsche 991 Turbo which he’s been testing and managed to eek 34.4mpg from on a daily commute. It’s an astonishing achievement for a supercar that packs 520bhp, and one that Porsche’s engineers should be applauded for. Making cars more frugal has to be better for the world (and for us) in the long term. But in the short term is it better for your wallet? I’ve done a few rough calculations on the back of […]

Peter Hutton – automotive illustrator

I was delighted to visit the home and studio of automotive illustrator Peter Hutton today, as part of the Chichester Arts Trail. Peter, who’s a true gentleman, produces stunningly beautiful cutaway illustrations of classic cars, and to see them printed on large canvases really was a treat. I urge you to to check out Peter Hutton’s website here to take a look at his images, which are available to buy in everything from postcard to big canvases. The latter would look great on an office or showroom wall.

Top 100 most influential car dealers on Twitter

Car Dealer magazine has compiled its top 100 most influential car dealers on Twitter list for 2014 and I’m delighted to see that I come in at number 13, behind much larger retailers. It’s interesting to note that I’m the only Porsche dealer in the list apart from Porsche Retail which slots in at number 17. I’m pleased with this, especially as I don’t really have a strategy for social media, apart from ensuring I post regularly. Some companies employ social media experts to do the work for them, but I’d rather do it myself because then I come across as […]

GT Porsche magazine – June 2014

I’ve just received the June 2014 issue of GT Porsche magazine and, as ever, it’s a good one. An article on why an early Porsche 997 Carrera is a great car is one that could have been written my me, so close are its sentiments to my own. I’ve long argued that the 3.6-litre 997 is an underrated gem, with a sweet engine and a great (non PASM) suspension set-up. By coincidence, I had a call from someone yesterday who was about to buy such a car for just £20,000 from a private seller. That just shows what good value […]