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Porsche Savannah leather interiors

Porsche Savannah leather interiors

I was chatting with a colleague yesterday about Porsches and he mentioned he was thinking of buying a 996. It sounded an interesting car but then he sheepishly told me that the car had a Savannah interior.

For some reason this yellowish brown colour is disliked in Porsche circles, with some dealers refusing to stock cars so endowed because they don’t sell.

I don’t subscribe to this view because people do like Savannah – after all someone must have specced the colour when the Porsches were new.

Also, I rather like Savannah. Light, warm shades make a 911 cockpit feel more open and more luxurious. If you stuck the same colour leather in, say, a Bentley, people would droll over the opulence of it.

I remember having a black 996 with an Aerokit, Tiptronic transmission and a Savannah interior. A bad combination in many dealer’s eyes and, if I’m honest, I expected it would be hard to sell.

However, the day I put it on the market, I had a call from someone saying that he had been looking for exactly that specification and, although, he hadn’t been planning on buying for a few months, he’d like to put down a deposit. Deal done!

The crazy thing about Savannah is that cars so-equipped tend to sell for less than equivalent Porsches with black or  grey (which I find dull) interiors. So if you’re looking for a good deal and fancy a touch of opulence, then go for Savannah.

Now for the hate mail… 🙂

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