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Changing the colour of a Porsche 964 Carrera 2

Last summer, I handled the sale of a very special Porsche 964 Carrera 2 belonging to John and Paula Boggiano. It’s a car they’d owned twice over many years and lavished much time and money on it, to ensure it was one of the best 964s Carrera 2s around, and it was featured in several magazine features.. Despite it being a much-loved Porsche, the couple decided to sell the Guards Red 964 to make way for a brand-new Boxster, which is why it came to me. It didn’t take long to find a buyer for such a special 964 Carrera […]

Alcantara – Porsche’s fake suede

If you own a GT2, GT3 or GTS, you’ll be familiar with Alcantara – a hard-wearing suede-like material. A Facebook friend in Hong Kong, Jimmy Lee, recently posted the following information about Alcantara, and he has kindly allowed me to share it here. This is what he says: Alcantara was first applied on cars around 20 years ago in a Lancia Thema’s interior, an idea of the car designer Giugiaro of ItalDesign. The suede like microfiber composite material was developed in the early 1970s by Miyoshi Okamoto, a scientist working for the Japanese chemical company Toray Industries. With the patent, […]

Porsche 997 Sport Classic wanted

People often ask me what my favourite Porsche is, and it’s a question I struggle to answer. I like them all and my favourite is often the one I’m driving at the moment, whether it be a humble 911SC or a mighty 997 GT2. However, there is one Porsche which I’ve always had a particular soft spot for, and that’s the 997 Sport Classic. The 997 Sport Classic was a limited-edition run of just 250 cars and was not sold in North America. It was based on a rear-wheel drive 997 Carrera S but with the wide rear arches of the […]

Porsche Cayenne at Reims-Gueux

Returning home from skiing in the French Alps (click here for details), I couldn’t resist stopping off at the remains of the Reims-Gueux circuit. It’s a place I’ve been to before and it’s never failed to impress me. The deserted and crumbling buildings have a certain inexplicable aura about them. It’s a peaceful and calm place, almost like a place of worship (and I’m not a motorsport fan at all). My two children Jonny and Louisa were with me, plus their friends Will and Ben. I didn’t tell them we were stopping at the circuit, but just pulled up by the pit […]

Taking a Porsche Cayenne S skiing

Skiing is a lot of fun but, for those of us in England, it involves heading off to the Alps, either by plane or car. Flying is a pain as it inevitably involves getting up at an unearthly hour, driving to Gatwick, parking the car at great expense, lugging luggage around the busy terminal, queuing to check-in, removing belts and watches then queuing again to get frisked. That’s all followed by a couple of hours on a cramped plane drinking expensive coffee before arriving at another busy airport only to hang around again for the luggage to arrive. Then there’s […]

How to make your Porsche 911 old

I’ve just had an email from someone selling the UK numberplate ‘P911 OLD’ which is certainly eye-catching. However, because it’s an age-related plate it can’t be used on a car registered before August 1996 – so not on very old Porsches. You’re looking at a late Porsche 993 as the oldest model, then. And that’s a shame as it would better suit a classic from the 1960s but that’s not allowed as it would making the car appear newer than it actually is. Still, as the years go by, the 993 will get older and older and the plate will […]

MotorStars magazine – how to buy investment cars

I’ve long said that cars – Porsches in particular – shouldn’t cost a lot to buy and run, especially if you opt for a model with low depreciation – or better still appreciation. Now there’s a magazine devoted to buying investment cars, and the first issue features a brace of Porsche 968 Clubsports from our stock. Other than that, I’ve no connection with the publication but it’s always good to see someone try something new, so do check it out. MotorStars magazine is free on iTunes. Please click here for details.

Should you have a Porsche Vehicle Identification Label (VIL)?

Read almost any Porsche 911 buyers’ guide and you’ll be told to make sure that the Porsche Vehicle Identification Label (VIL to its friends) is present and correct on the underside of the luggage compartment lid. If it’s missing, we’re told, then it’s likely that the car has been in an accident and the lid has been replaced or repaired. I’m not so sure. I’ve seen plenty of very good Porsches that don’t have a VIL under the bonnet but don’t display another  signs of major accident damage/repair. There are a number of reasons that the VIL can be missing. For […]

Why Porsches are good for the environment

I’m not convinced by the global warming argument. It seems that the goalposts move according to the current weather. When I was a boy, the thinking was that we were heading into another ice age. In recent years, we’ve been told to expect the UK to have a Mediterranean climate, wet summers, dry summers, cool summers, cold winters, warm wet winters, and so on, with the latest predictions conveniently based on the previous 12 months’ weather. Regardless of all that, though, I do believe that we should be responsible with our car use and not waste resources. So is a […]

Why now is the time to buy a Porsche 968 Clubsport

I’ve just spent the day at a very wet Chobham test track helping Classic Cars magazine with a photoshoot. The magazine is doing a feature on undervalued classic cars that they believe will go up in value in 2014, and they asked to use a Porsche 968 Clubsport of ours. The other cars they’d picked included a BMW M5, TVR 350i, Mercedes-Benz SL 500 and a Ford Escort RS2000. The article is being written by ex-Top Gear presenter and used car expert Quentin Willson and he was impressed enough by the Porsche 968 Clubsport to claim it to be the […]