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Porsche Cayman R on the Isle of Skye – Day seven

Big excitement today, as we had a helicopter on set to do some aerial shots of the Porsches driving through the dramatic landscape. The first shot had to merge with one of yesterday’s jib shots, where I drove the Cayman R past the stationary 964 with presenter Frank standing by the car, moving out of the way just as I arrive. I began two miles down the road, which had been closed by today’s helpful policemen, Willy and Dean. I set off at a sensible 60mph, only to be told at the end by the director that I was going […]

Porsche Cayman R on the Isle of Skye – Day six

It was a blustery day here on Skye which wasn’t ideal as we were filming from a jib – a long moveable arm with a camera on the end. My job was to drive the Cayman past the jib as the camera smoothly dropped down to film the car shooting by. Which was tricky as I was very close to it and, on a couple of occasions the wind blew the jib rather to close to me for comfort. Indeed, I found myself subconsciously ducking my head to one side as I passed the boom! What made this shot particularly […]

Porsche Cayman R on the Isle of Skye – Day five

Today began with more in-car footage of presenter Frank Pereire, this time in the Cayman R with me dutifully overtaking from time to time in the 964 Carrera 4. Later in the day, the script demanded both cars driving down the road at speed, past two cameras mounted in the centre of the road. The only way to do this was to close the road, so the police were brought in to help. Two arrived, who introduced themselves as Alan and Katherine. They were lovely people and very happy to help out and, of course, take advantage of the many […]

Porsche Cayman R on the Isle of Skye – Day four

You know those moments on Top Gear when Clarkson’s driving around, talking to a point somewhere in front of the passenger seat? Well, that’s what we were doing today. It was presenter Frank Pereire’s moment to shine while I continued my role as the anonymous driver in black. The car being talked about, in today’s case the 964, was rigged with two cameras: one on the bonnet looking through the windscreen and a second looking over the driver’s shoulder. It was a complex arrangement with lots of potential for things to go wrong. This meant there was tension in the […]

Porsche Cayman R and 964 Carrera 4 exhaust sounds

Key to any car show is the sound of the cars and, here on Skye, the sound engineer has been working hard to capture the characters of the Porsche Cayman R and modified 964 Carrera 4 exhaust notes. He’s kindly shared a couple of recordings but stresses that these are unprocessed and unedited files (click the links to play the files). Which do you prefer? Cayman R exhaust 964 exhaust road

Porsche Cayman R on the Isle of Skye – Day three

Today the film crew disposed of the tracking vehicle in favour of ‘sticks’ – tripods. We revisited yesterday’s locations and reproduced the same sequences so that they could be filmed from different angles, including high up on hills and low down on the roadside. This time, there was a lot of hanging around for me, as it took a long time to set up the cameras in each position, so I was able to get on with my book (no, I’m not going to tell you what I’m reading). It was worth it, though, as the driving sequences were fun. […]

Porsche Cayman R on Skye – Day two

Filming started today here on the Isle of Skye. The forecast was for rain and I’d been warned there’d be a lot of hanging around, so I wrapped up warm and downloaded a book to read. Today’s task was tracking shots – the two Porsches would follow a camera truck with two cameras and seven people attached to. Now, over the years I’ve done countless stills shoots for car magazines and tracking photographer is normally done by a single photographer hanging out of the back of a car or with a camera clamped to the rear of the tracking vehicle. […]

Porsche Cayman R on the Isle of Skye – Day 1.5

After spending the morning with the sound engineer, I’ve had nothing to do this afternoon – the production crew went on a recce of the various locations and didn’t need me. So, with a Cayman R in my custody and some great roads on my doorstep, it would have been rude not to do for a drive. I’ve not been to Skye before but my photographer friend Ali Cusick has long raved about it so I had high expectations. And I wasn’t disappointed. The scenery is stunning, especially when the sun shines, which I’m pleased to say it did today, […]

Porsche Cayman R on the Isle of Skye – Day one

Yesterday, I drove some 650 miles over 12 hours up to the Isle of Skye which, it has to said, is a long way. I was in a Porsche Cayman R and, I have to confess, I wasn’t looking forward to going that distance in such an extreme car, with its bucket seats, stripped out interior, simple sound system and no climate control. As it was, though, the car was a delight and not once did I find it tiring on the long motorway slog, during which time it returned a very respectable 30mpg. I’m on Skye working with Arctos Media, […]

Porsche 911 Targa – the next big thing

We’ve just sold a very nice Porsche 911 Targa, a 3.2 Carrera (above), within a week of getting it, and have recently sold two 964 Targas, too. With each of these Targas, there’s been very strong interest, indeed. This is intriguing because a few years ago, people didn’t really want 911 Targas, preferring the looks and durability of a coupe. So what’s changed? I think there are a number of factors: First, people in the UK love open-top motoring. Sure, a 911 coupe looks great and has a more rigid bodyshell but, increasingly, people aren’t buying these older 911s for […]