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Is the Porsche 993 the perfect 911?

I had a nice comment on my Facebook page from someone who said “Having had 2 x 993’s, 2 x 996’s and 1 x 997 there is no better car than a 993. Period” A real Porsche 993 fan, then. It’s a sentiment shared by many people and, whenever we get a Porsche 993 in stock, it’s snapped up quickly. So why is the 993 such a popular 911? There are a combination of factors which come together. First of, they are great looking Porsches. With their curvaceous flared wheel arches and swept back headlamps, a 993 looks lovely from most […]

Porsche 996 – the affordable Porsche

The Porsche 911 is, for many people, their dream car since childhood – you know the cliche about the poster on the bedroom wall. And the great thing about 911s is that they are an achievable dream for most of us; some of us grow up to be wealthy enough to afford a brand-new Porsche, while others scrimp and save for a used one. But what if money is really tight and you want a Porsche 911? Well, a few years ago I’d have directed you to a 911SC or a 964 – both great but underrated (and therefore undervalued) […]

Collecting Porsches from around Britain

Most weeks see me heading off somewhere, usually by train, to collect a Porsche that we are taking into stock. Of course, we could just use a transport company to move cars around but I much prefer to do it myself, for two reasons. First, I enjoy travelling and driving. Usually, it’s within England, but occasionally I’ve been over to the Channel Islands (which is always a treat) and next week I’m flying up to Aberdeen to collect a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S. Second, and more importantly, an extended drive gives me an excellent opportunity to assess a Porsche and […]

Porsche PTS luggage for sale

A customer of our associates AW Motorsport is selling a Porsche PTS Ultralight case. This 75-litre case weighs just 3.9kg and comes complete with four wheels (a four-wheel drive Porsche, then!) and a telescopic handle. It fits in the front of a modern 911, Boxster or Cayman. Click here for Porsche’s details. The retail price of the Porsche PTS case is £640 with a three-month lead time, but you can buy this one today for £400. Get in touch if you are interested and we’ll pass your details directly to the seller.

Why you shouldn’t buy a cheap Porsche

A conversation with Stuart Gallagher at GT Porsche led to an idea for a feature. We both agreed that we were fed up with magazine articles suggesting you could buy a Porsche for pocket-money prices, so we felt it was time to set the record straight. The result is a pair of articles, the first of which is in this month’s GT Porsche, and explains why you should be wary of buying a super-cheap classic Porsche. The days of the £10,000 air-cooled 911 are over; yes, you can find one for that price but the chances are it’ll be a […]

Have you seen this Porsche 997 Carrera?

I was chatting about an old Porsche GB press car with some Twitter friends yesterday and wondered what had happened to it. The car in question was a 2006 997 Carrera finished in silver with black leather. It boasted Sport suspension, PCCB and not much else in the way of options, back it a refreshingly pure 911 to drive. It sticks in my mind because I drove it to France in search of an ancestor’s war grave – a memorable trip for many reasons, not least because of the car. It was the perfect illustration that less is often more […]