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Porsche 911 Carrera 4 or Turbo – the perfect snow car

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 or Turbo – the perfect snow car

It’s snowing and 4×4 drivers are driving around looking smug. What some don’t realise, though, is that four-wheel drive won’t make them stop any quickly on slippery roads.

That said, four-wheel drive is useful in giving you extra traction in the snow and a lot better than my rear-wheel drive family BMW 5 Series Touring!

Of course, think four-wheel drive Porsches and most people consider a Cayenne, and no doubt buyers will be clamouring for them in the next few days. Now, a Cayenne is a great car but do you really need a big offroader to negotiate the odd bit of snow?

With a bit of lateral thinking, you can have a great sports car that will also perform in the snow. Let’s face it, conventional 4x4s are designed for off-roading and, as such, have massive ground clearance which is of little help if you’re just trying to negotiate your local backroads. So why not treat yourself to a Porsche 911? Opt for a four-wheel drive Carrera 4 or Turbo and you’ll have a car that’s usable all year round and surprisingly good in the snow and ice. Indeed, Carrera 4 owners love to report how their cars have got them out of a fix during a cold spell.

We often have four-wheel drive Porsche 911s in stock. At present, we have a brace of 996 Turbos. Click here to see these and the rest of our stock.



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