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The ultimate Lego Porsche 911

There’s nothing new about Lego Porsche 911s but this one is in a different league. It’s a model of a Porsche 997 Turbo Cabriolet and the attention to detail is quite astonishing – scary in fact. It’s got a working convertible roof, a flat-six engine with moving pistons and – get this – a working seven-speed PDK gearbox with dual clutches. I told you it was scary. I urge you to watch the video for the full story of this incredible Lego Porsche 911.  

Porsche 911 heating systems

My first experience of an air-cooled Porsche 911 heating system wasn’t good. Being a poor student at the time, I used to hitch-hike from place to place, and one day was picked up by a complete nutter in a Volkswagen Beetle. As he drove at insane (for a Beetle) speeds along a winding country road, he apologised for the hot cabin – explaining that there was something wrong with the heater. I’ll say there was! Not only did I get out at the end of my ride shaking and sweating, my rubber-soled baseball boot had quite literally melted to the […]

Tartan Porsche seat fabric

My wife writes features for all of the UK’s top homes and interiors magazines and, like me, she keeps a blog – check out her website here. She’s just come into my office and bet me that I couldn’t find a Porsche-related item for Burns’ Night (which is today) as easily as she could. Well, she’s wrong! Porsche did a range of tartan (or plaid) seat fabrics in the 1970s and, today, their retro-chic looks are back in favour after years of being retrimmed in leather. Indeed, looking at the bright tartans and other wacky seat fabrics Porsche used to […]

Dream Porsche garage

I often think it’d be nice to have a perfectly organised home garage. You know the sort of thing – tiled floor, plastered walls, gleaming fitted cabinets. One day I’ll get around to it but, in the meantime, our reasonably spacious double garage has to cope with family paraphernalia such as bikes, sailing equipment, skateboards and even a freezer. Still, at least I keep enough space for two cars. One man who has created his dream garage is US Porsche enthusiast Jack Olsen (no, not the author). He’s made a smart working ‘shop’ as Americans say but he’s done it […]

The power of the Porsche 911 Turbo

I’ve just been doing some research on the Porsche 911 Turbo and came up with some interesting power figures. Just look how the output has increased from the original 3.0-litre car of 1975 to the latest 997 Turbo S. The power has more than doubled! 1975 – 260bhp 1978 – 300bhp 1990 – 320bhp 1992 – 360bhp 1996 – 408bhp 2000 – 420bhp 2005 – 480bhp 2009 – 500bhp 2010 – 530bhp What’s more impressive is when you put this figures in perceptive against standard 911s. By 1994, the 993 Carrera had beaten the original Turbo, with an output of […]

Porsche direct marketing

This video shows a clever marketing campaign by an American Porsche dealer. They’ve taken a new Porsche 911 and photographed outside the houses of an affluent neighbourhood, then printed out personalised flyers to post through the letterboxes of each house. Clever stuff, but it’s a shame they couldn’t find a printer that didn’t require a portable generator to power it! If you don’t want to buy a brand new Porsche, take a look at our stock here. Buy one and you can photograph it in front of your house! 🙂  

New issue of GT Porsche magazine

The new issue of GT Porsche has just dropped through my letterbox (delayed by the snow, no doubt) and I’m pleased to see that it contains two features that I wrote. The first is on John Miles’ Porsche 964 Carrera 4 – a car that was with the same owner for 20 years and throughout that time he used it as his daily driver. The second is a piece comparing the first and the last Porsche 944s – the 2.7 Lux and the 3.0-litre S2. The 944 had its 30th birthday last year and good ones are getting hard to […]

The cost of running a Porsche 964

I’ve just had an email from a customer who’s gone through his Porsche 964’s 20 years’ worth of history and come up with the following breakdown of costs: Total spend inc VAT: £48,847 (excluding tax, insurance, fuel etc) Total parts spend exc VAT: £25,261 Total labour spend exc VAT: £18,475 Average spend / year: £2035 Most expensive year: £7,617 (2009, almost entirely engine rebuild) Cheapest year: £503 (1991, exc 1989 and 1990 at zero spend) Front tyres replaced: 9 Rear tyres replaced: 8 Front brake pads replaced: 10 Rear brake pads replaced: 8 Front discs replaced: 4 Rear discs replaced: […]

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 or Turbo – the perfect snow car

It’s snowing and 4×4 drivers are driving around looking smug. What some don’t realise, though, is that four-wheel drive won’t make them stop any quickly on slippery roads. That said, four-wheel drive is useful in giving you extra traction in the snow and a lot better than my rear-wheel drive family BMW 5 Series Touring! Of course, think four-wheel drive Porsches and most people consider a Cayenne, and no doubt buyers will be clamouring for them in the next few days. Now, a Cayenne is a great car but do you really need a big offroader to negotiate the odd […]

Have you seen this Porsche 964 Carrera 4?

A car I sold recently, this Porsche 964 Carrera 4, is featured in GT Porsche magazine this month. I had a call from a customer who’d read the feature and said that it reminded of his late father’s car; very similar 1989 Carrera 4 in Guards Red with black leather and red piping. This car was bought from the Porsche dealer in Mayfair and was one of the first 25 964s to come into the UK. It then went straight to the Isle of Man where it was given the numberplate TMN 1 (which more recently was on a Carrera […]