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Does it matter the number of owners a Porsche has had?

Does it matter the number of owners a Porsche has had?

It’s long puzzled me why the number of owners a Porsche has been through should be a problem to some people. Sure, there’s something nice about a car that’s been with the same caring family from new, but that’s rare and, realistically, does it make any difference?

It’s not uncommon for Porsches to go through a lot of owners. Let’s look at a typical scenario. A brand-new Porsche is an expensive purchase and many are bought by company directors, who put it through the company. A year or two later, their accountant advises them to transfer the car to private ownership, which they do – so that’s two owners in the logbook already. Then, after three years, they get a call from a salesman at Porsche offering them a good deal on a new car, so the old one gets traded in and sold on. Three owners in three years.

The Porsche is then in the big wide world of second-hand cars. So often I talk to people who have bought a Porsche because they’ve always wanted one, only to find it doesn’t fit in with their lifestyle (family is the main issue) so they sell it within a year or two because it’s just not being used. You only need this to happen a few times (and it will) for the number of owners to crank up.

No, the number of owners a Porsche has had doesn’t really matter. What’s far more important is how well the car’s been looked after by those owners.



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