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Why silver Porsches are great

Why silver Porsches are great

There’s been a bit of a backlash against silver Porsches recently, from people who say there are too many of them. Sure, there are a lot of silver cars in general – I heard recently that 40 percent of new cars in the UK are silver and you only have to look around a car park to see that is reasonable.

Indeed, most cars now have metallic paint when, not too many years ago, it was an expense luxury. Go back to the early days of Porsche in the 1950s and a 356 finished in metallic silver was the height of sophistication.

It’s right for a German car, too, because in the 1950s, German race cars went from being white to bare aluminium – which led to ‘German Racing Silver’. Porsche jumped on this bandwagon with its early racing cars and so began a long tradition of silver Porsches. Add a red leather interior (which sadly few buyers today are brave enough to do) and you have an iconic and timeless look.

Silver paint on a Porsche is practical, too, in that it doesn’t show minor scratches and chips and is easy to keep clean. More importantly, it works perfectly with a Porsche’s curvaceous body shape. Whether it’s Polar Silver, Arctic Silver, GT Silver, you can’t go wrong with a silver Porsche. Unlike some colours, silver never goes out of fashion, either.

Take a look at these photos of silver Porsches and tell me you don’t agree!

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The Porsche 718 RS 60 Spyder is an iconic silver Porsche race car

This racing 356 Lightweight Coupe works well in silver

A silver Porsche 964 Targa; the light colour shows off the black rollbar nicely

The Boxster’s styling is influenced by Porsche racecars so works particularly well in silver

A silver Porsche 911 Turbo shows off the car’s large air intakes very well


  • Sinclair Goldberg says:

    I came so close to buying a similar-to-my-997-money RS60 Spyder solely on the basis of the Red Leather – love it 🙂

  • J P Bouvier says:

    I ordered and own a Platinum Silver 911 in 2013, it looks new today and will probably look the same 20 years from now. I call it Germany”s native color.

  • Supertwin says:

    GT silver has to be one of the best silver variants around….

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