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Apple is following Porsche’s design philosophy

Apple is following Porsche’s design philosophy

The Porsche 911 has become well known as a classic design that has evolved slowly over the years, retaining its distinctive form factor. Some people criticise Porsche for not being more daring but, to be fair, if they did make radical changes to the 911 it would no longer be, well, a 911, would it?

I’ve just read an interesting blog suggesting that Apple is beginning to follow the same design philosophy of evolution not revolution. This is very different to the Apple of a few years ago which radically changed the iMac between the first, second and third generations.

Today, Apple has a superbly designed product line and has slowly tweaked the designs in recent years. The new iPhone 5 retains a similar form factor as the iPhone 4S but is a little longer, thinner and lighter, and even better looking. Under the hood, of course, there are more radical changes to boost performance.

Sound familiar? It’s just what Porsche does with the 911. The latest 991 is longer, sleeker, lighter and more sophisticated but is instantly recognisable for what it is – a Porsche 911.

And the illustration below is just a bit of fun – we all know that there wasn’t an iPhone 1/2 🙂

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