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Why a 996 Carrera 4S is a good choice

Why a 996 Carrera 4S is a good choice

I had  a call yesterday from a chap wanting to buy his first 911 – a 996. As soon as he said his budget was around £23,000, I immediately thought ‘Carrera 4S’. A few moments later, he said he fancied a 4S but was concerned it may be too extreme for a first 911.

Not at all. The Carrera 4S is basically a standard 996 enhanced with a wide Turbo bodyshell and Turbo brakes and suspension, plus a classic full-width rear reflector. To my eye, it’s the best-looking 996 of all (especially from the rear) and is lovely to drive with the uprated suspension. I suspect that, medium term, a 4S will hold its value better than a standard Carrera, too.

My caller went on to say he’d looking at a 4S Tiptronic but wondered if the automatic transmission would be appropriate. Considering he does 16,000 miles a year including a daily commute on the outskirts of London, I said a Tip would make sense for. However, with one caveat – that he test drives one first to see if he likes it.

Now it’s just a case of finding a good one. I sold two Carrera 4Ss for clients recently and both went very quickly.


  • 9 days to go till the new magazine is out!

    On the 4s would you say this is an good every day car or is it too edgy? This has to be one of my favourites

  • Phil says:

    Yes, it’s a great everyday car. Very refined and easy to drive – not edgy at all.



  • I take it the 996 still has that bellow from the exhaust? The sort of noise that makes you want to drive through tunnels all day with the windows down?

  • Phil says:

    It certainly does although it’s muted compared to the earlier air-cooled cars. A sought-after option is the switchable sports exhaust – press a button and the exhaust gets louder – brilliant!

  • tom jones says:

    997 pdk is much better. 996 triptronic is crap in comparison

  • paul says:

    what a beautiful car! definately the best looking 996 ever made… i’m looking to buy one in the next few months myself, and i cant wait!

  • vick says:

    Hi all, my first Porsche was/is a 996 Turbo. Wow! What a car. No turning back

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