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Ian Raby – racing driver

I had an email recently asking if I was related to Ian Raby, a racing driver from Brighton who was killed in the 1960s. Sadly, I’m not related to him but I did write about him once as part of a book on Grand Prix drivers. Here is what I found out about the man: Ian Raby was born in Woolwich and became a car dealer in Brighton. He began racing in 500cc Formula 3 in the 1950s, initially with a self-built car he called ‘Puddle Jumper’ (because of its low ground-clearance), and later in Coopers. He then switched to […]

New Porsche 991 Turbo in action on the Nürburgring

I’m not a big fan of YouTube videos of cars driving around a track, but this one is different. It shows the yet to be released Porsche 991 Turbo being tested on the Nürburgring. If nothing else, it shows that the 911 Turbo is almost ready for production and, if the footage is anything to go by, it will be an astonishing performer. But then we wouldn’t expect anything less from a 911 Turbo. Frustratingly, the video doesn’t give much away about the 991 Turbo’s appearance – the cars are disguised to look like 997 Turbos. However, it doesn’t take […]

Porsche 964 Cup wheels and mirrors aren’t cheap

A customer has asked me to quote to upgrade an early Porsche 964 with the later-type Cup wheels and Cup mirrors (teardrops). A few years ago this was a fairly common thing to do as people were less fond of the original 964 Design90 wheels and ‘elephant ear’ mirrors. In fact, I remember fitting teardrop mirrors to my own 964. Today, though, the tables have turned and many buyers want their 964s (and other classic Porsches) to look just as they did when they left the factory. Here’s a great example of an original Porsche 964. There is no denying […]

Buying a classic Porsche 911

I had an email this week from a chap wanting to buy an early seventies Porsche 911T or 911S. He admitted he was a novice and was looking for advice. Now, I rarely stock Porsches of this age but, by coincidence, I do have this lovely example for sale. One reason I often avoid these cars is because they can rust very badly and renovation is expensive. This Porsche 911T, though, has had over £60,000 spent on a fully documented restoration, which makes it a safe purchase and good investment. As is often the case with newcomers to Porsche, my […]

Photos of Porsche 911s

  I was visited last week by John Rampton, a photographer who runs Vroom Photo car photography. John is working on a project to photograph every model of Porsche and asked if he could come and shoot some of my stock. John was a thoroughly nice bloke, the sun was shining, the Porsches were gleaming and, crucially, he came bearing a box of doughnuts! Here is a small selection of his photos. The cars featured are all for sale here.  

Porsche 911 Turbo Targa SE is rarer than thought

I thought that this flatnose Porsche 911 Turbo Targa SE was one of eight right-hand drive cars made by the factory. However, I’ve just received information that suggests that, in fact, it’s one of just two such cars built by Porsche. So it’s rarer than I believed! Please click here for more details of this Porsche.

You Can Drive a Porsche ebook review

I was delighted to see that photographer, writer and Porsche 996 Turbo driver Neill Watson has taken the time to review my ebook, You Can Drive a Porsche, and illustrated his review with a very cool photo of a Porsche (above). Neill agrees with the sentiments of the book that say that you can drive a much nicer car if you take depreciation out of the equation. And that means being a Clever Car Buyer. You can find out more about the book by clicking here. Click here to read Neill’s full review and also other blog posts from him. […]

I also write about Porsches!

Although I’m enjoying my new life selling Porsches, I do also love writing about cars, Porsches in particular. Unfortunately, for the last six months I’ve had little opportunity to do that, because of a restrictive clause in my contract with Imagine Publishing, the company I worked for. Now, thankfully, that is coming to an end and I’ll soon be free to write for anyone I want to. I’ve written for and edited magazines and books for many years and like to think I do a decent job of it. Although Porsche is my specialist subject, I can turn my hand […]

Rare Porsche 911 Turbo Targa featured in magazine

A rare Porsche 911 Turbo Targa SE Flatnose that I have in stock is featured in this month’s Total 911 magazine, further adding to the car’s provenance. With images by photographer Antony Fraser and words by yours truly, it’s good to see the Porsche being appreciated by a wider audience. Please click here for more details of this rare Porsche.  

Luggage for Porsches

I’ve always said that Porsche 911s are great touring cars – the photo above was taken on a trip my wife and I made to the Swiss Alps in a 997. They are reliable, comfortable, reasonably economical and remarkably practical with space for plenty of luggage. The 911 has a reasonable-sized boot at the front plus plenty of extra room in the back once the rear seats are folded down. The trick, though, is to make the best use of the space available and standard suitcases don’t allow you to do that, which is why I was impressed by the […]