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Porsche 911 Turbo SE Targa Flatnose

Porsche 911 Turbo SE Targa Flatnose

I was out last week with photographer Antony Fraser photographing the Porsche 911 Turbo SE Targa Flatnose for a magazine feature. Antony’s kindly shared a couple of his stunning images of the stunning Porsche!

Click here for more details of this rare Porsche.

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  • Pierre Bridet says:

    I respect creativity and all that, but flatnose 911s are just a big no for me… :/

  • Rowan Sproule says:

    I love the look of the slant nose porsche cars and Phil Raby has captured that look very well – I am biased though as I have owned one for the past 16 yrs and while many great cars have come and gone from my garage over that time, the slantnose is a keeper!

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