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Porsche 911SC with stellar miles

Porsche 911SC with stellar miles

I spotted this Porsche 911SC when I was out this morning. A tidy 1982 car with a cool retro metallic brown paint job. The price? Just £11,000, yet it’s not selling.

Why not? Because of the mileage. It’s done – wait for it – 290,000 miles. Is that a problem? Well, it could be but for the fact that the Porsche has had an engine and gearbox rebuilt plus an extensive bodywork renovation. It’s better sorted than many examples I’ve seen with 200,000 less miles on the ticker (and being sold for more).

It would make a lovely weekend car and the mileage would be a great conversation piece at the local Porsche club meets!

I have no connection with the car, which is being sold by Morgan Whaley.


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