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Porsche 3.2 Carrera isn’t bad

Porsche 3.2 Carrera isn’t bad

I looked at a Porsche 3.2 Carrera this evening for a client. A 1988 coupe in silver.

My first impression of the Porsche was one of concern as I could see that some of the paintwork was fresh, and newly painted cars worry me – it’s all too easy for someone to paint over all sorts of nasties.

However, my mind was put at ease by the extensive history file which shows that s lot of time and only had been spent on getting the bodywork up together. The usual areas had been dealt with by Francis Tuthill; sills, wings, B posts and so on. Oddly, though, the work had been done bit by bit over a number of years. An expensive way of doing it but maybe the owner wanted to spread the cost. Unfortunately, it did mean that some of the paint looked newer than other parts. Y, I’d have liked to have seen a full respray after the bodywork had been resolved.

No worries, though, as it was a nicely presented Porsche that drove well and was sensibly priced. And good 3.2 Carreras are few and far between.



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  • I acquired a 1984 3.2 almost a year ago — a 2 owner CA car with 53k miles. Found a local indy mechanic on Pelican who specialized in the older air cooled machines. Slate blue over navy coupe with sport seats, full leather (even dash) and 16″ Fuchs. Had mechanicals gone through, replaced as necessary and did an H4 headlight conversion. I am loving it. Should be out of storage next week. Can’t wait.

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