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Porsche 996 – ‘irrelevant and horrible’?

Porsche 996 – ‘irrelevant and horrible’?

After my post yesterday about a Porsche 996 Cabriolet someone on Facebook accused me of having a fetish for the ‘irrelevant and horrible 996’. Ouch.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion but the fact is the Porsche 996 does have its followers – me included – and it’s a superb 911 and currently great value for money.

Irrelevant? Far from it, it’s an important part of the 911’s evolution. The first all new 911 for over 30 years, the Porsche 996 heralded the change from air to water cooled engines and a new larger bodyshell. Together with the Boxster, which shared many parts, it helped enable Porsche to become a very profitable company. What’s more, the 997 that followed was based heavily on the 996’s underpinnings.

Yes, the Porsche 996 is a very relevant car!

Horrible? Well, I can understand why some people don’t like the headlamps but that apart, the 996’s pure and unadorned lines saw a return to the philosophy of the original 911 before spoilers and flared arches came along. I like and so do plenty of others.

Porsche 996 not your thing? That’s fine but remember that it is for others. The Porsche community is all encompassing and friendly. 🙂





  • Michael says:

    The 996 has been a great car. It has served me well and has proved that Porsche can build daily drivers. My car isn’t driven much (15,000 miles) for a 2003 but I love it. The car is very relevant.

  • Richard says:

    Phil, I agree with everything you say but the C4S was the ‘pick of the bunch’ and a ‘good looker’ compared to the ‘flatsiders’ and I note that it Is the C4S in your photo.’

  • Marco levati says:

    Of course 996 is a particular CAR.. First water cooled but it’s a very very important for Porsche and 911 history.. maybe Not a lot of people remember that 996 is the 911 most sold!!! I love air cooled (i have 964 turbo with 5000 miles!!) BUT i alredy have a 996 cabriolet banana yellow (special color)!!
    Sorry for my bad english!

  • vick says:

    Ditto. Got to love the great value of the 996. I own a Turbo and love every thing about it. Too bad I dint come to realize that earlier. Never too late, lol.

  • Steve says:

    I don’t like the headlamps either, which is why I’ve had body color covers on each of my M96 cars. 996 was my DD 70 miles round trip for 4 years in stop and go Atlanta traffic, obviously a Tip. My Boxster S 6speed has a Jake Raby motor. Both are the ultimate in performance, handling, comfort, and affordability, for their intended purpose. I love the M96 and I’ve had many aircooled Porsches over the years, including Turbos. So far I’ve seen no reason to move up to the stratospheric prices of newer models.

  • Aurélien says:

    I love every version of the 911 each bringing its own brick to the great Porsche wall! In my opinion the lines of the 996 are of the purest especially the C2.

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