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The joys of a cheap Porsche 911

A few weeks ago I blogged about a super-cheap Porsche 964 I inspected for a client (click here to read about it). He bought the car and, today, had to visit me regarding another matter. I was pleased to see he came in the Porsche 911. It looked cool in a scruffy kind of way and, he said, was great in that he didn’t have to worry about it: “I can leave it in Waitrose car park without worrying about anyone damaging it, and it does’t matter if the kids knock into it on the drive.” If you want what Americans […]

Going wild in a Porsche 991

This video was shared with me on Twitter and I thought it deserved a wider audience. It’s someone in Holland putting a Porsche 991 through a ‘special stage’. It looks and sounds fun!  

Porsche 911 marketing photos – old and new

These two photos show how Porsche’s marketing photos for the 911 have changed. Back in the Sixties and Seventies the emphasis was on lifestyle photos showing the Porsche 911 being enjoyed, often in a country setting and usually with a pretty girl involved (in this case having her backside photographed!). In today’s more politically correct times, Porsche uses heavily photoshopped images of 911s driving along stunning roads to get you excited about the thought of getting behind the wheel of a Porsche 911. Which do you prefer? If you enjoy my blog entries please click here to follow me on […]

Porsche 911 owner’s manual – old and new

I’ve just been comparing the owner’s manual for a 1970 Porsche 911T with that for a 2005 Porsche 997 Carrera. Two books designed to do the same job, but published 35 years apart. The format is exactly the same, but the 997 book contains 256 pages compared to the 911T’s 106 pages, and the older book is spiral bound instead of perfect bound. The content is broadly similar, as you’d expect, as the purpose it to instruct owners about the car’s features and controls. Of course, one of the reasons that the 997 manual is so much thicker is because […]

Porsche Cayenne review

Porsche has today released a promotional video of the new Porsche Cayenne GTS, and very nice it is too. However, the internet will be bulging with people sharing that film so, instead, here’s a little review from those nice people at CarBuyer.  

Time to invest in a classic Porsche 911

With interest rates remaining at an all-time low in most parts of the world, leaving your money in the bank isn’t a good idea. Which is why more and more people are turning to classic cars as an investment. Apparently, the only thing that is performing better is fine wines, which is hard to understand. With a classic car, you can take it for a drive and still have a classic car (and an investment) at the end of it. With wine, if you drink it, that’s your investment gone. Anyway, I digress. I am always happy to help you […]

What price a Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera?

I’ve just been asked to supply a valuation for a Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera. It’s a common request for an agreed-value insurance policy. Insuring your classic Porsche in this way is a good idea, as there’s then less chance of any argument over what the car’s worth in the unfortunate event of having to make a claim. The problem with classic Porsches is that an insurance assessor can’t just reach for a price guide and come up with an acceptable replacement value, as you would with a modern car. The value of the Porsche depends not only on age and […]

The smell of a Porsche 911

This weekend involved me driving a Porsche 911T, a 993 and a 996. And it struck me – not for the first time – that the cabin of each generation of Porsche 911 has its own distinctive smell. Now, I don’t have a great sense of smell at the best of times, but if you blindfolded me I reckon I could have a pretty good stab at guessing what type of 911 I was in simply by inhaling its odour. OK, so some are similar. I think I’d struggle between pre-impact bumper cars, and between the impact bumper generation of […]

Porsche 911 Turbo flatnose gets publicity

I was recently contacted by a German Porsche 911 website which wanted to feature the 911 Turbo Targa flatnose. It’s only a small mention but a good one. Click here to see it. The Turbo Targa is also going appear to in the next issue of Total 911 magazine, which is great news, too. Click here for more details of this rare Porsche 911.

1970 Porsche 911T

Here’s the view from my office window right now. More details on this classic Porsche 911 to follow.