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Porsche 944 with 82 miles on the clock!

Porsche 944 with 82 miles on the clock!

You can pick up a reasonable Porsche 944 for £5000 so to find this one for sale on eBay for £25,000 is surprising.

The seller says that it is a 1988 prototype S2 built for the Detroit motor show in the US. It has a unique tailgate – instead of the usual wraparound glass lid, there’s a flat lid with a smaller vertical rear window – a bit like a Mk2 Toyota MR2. That alone is very interesting and it would be good to know the full story behind it.

Assuming it’s a genuine car, then is it worth £25,000? Well, probably to the right person – whoever that might be. It would be an intriguing piece of Porsche history for a collector. But, as with any ultra-low mileage Porsche, what do you do with it? It can only be kept in a collection, as driving it would bump up the mileage and negate one of the car’s unique features.

If anyone has any further information on this Porsche, I’d be interested to hear it.

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