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From nothing to a Porsche 911 in one year

From nothing to a Porsche 911 in one year

Car Dealer magazine’s James Baggott set himself a challenge to trade up from nothing to a Porsche 911 within a year. After lots of wheeling and dealing, James realized his dream and raised enough money to buy a very nice Porsche 996. I remember him ringing me for advice while he was looking at the car.

He’s ended up with a beauty but the point of the exercise was not to give James a new set of wheels (although he admits he’s had some fun in the Porsche) but rather to raise money for a good cause. Namely BEN the automotive industry charity.

Click here to read the full story.

The Porsche is now being sold by Henry at 911 Virgin and will make a good buy for someone, especially as the car’s had a full once-over courtesy of Porsche Cars Great Britain.

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  • Dot O'Toole says:

    Hi Phil me again
    Just been reading that interesting story on the 996
    R97 RRK I may be wrong but it looks like the 996 I owned in between the Halfords years, registration is very similar, I had a personal plate on it. The thing that I find interesting is the 90k mileage. I bought that car (If it is the same one) from the Porscheshop in April 2008 with 118,000 miles on it and sold it to a guy from Newcastle called Jason in 2011 with about 120,000 on it. That’s if it is the same car. He had the wheels refurbished and a repaint. The reg number does look incredibly similar

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