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Porsche 996 Cabriolet – chilly but fun

After the run of warm weather we’ve been having in the UK, today’s decidedly chilly, especially if you’re in a Porsche 996 Cabriolet. Still, turn the heater up full and there’s nothing better than roof-down motoring! 🙂 More photos and info by clicking here.

Porsche 996 Cabriolet or Targa?

Which would you choose? It’s a difficult one as each Porsche has its own unique appeal. The Targa is the more practical choice with its lifting rear hatch, and the glass roof gives open-air motoring without any wind buffeting. The Cabriolet, on the other hand, gives the full-on open-top experience, which is hard to beat on a summer’s day. Both Porsches look great, the Targa retains the classic 911 side profile, while the 996 Cabriolet was the first open 911 to have a fully resolved roof-down appearance. I’m finding it hard to pick my favourite. What do you think? Click […]

Porsche RS replica – test post

I’m just testing out a new iPad app called Blogsy so please excuse this test. At least it’s a nice photo! 🙂

Porsche 911 Turbo Targa Flatnose – a rare beast

As hinted yesterday, I have just taken on a rare Porsche 911 Turbo Targa Flatnose. It’s a genuine factory car and, I believe, one of just five right-hand drive examples. Click here for more information.

911 Turbo Targa Flatnose

Here’s a sneak peak of a rare Porsche – a 1989 911 Turbo Targa Flatnose, and a genuine factory car. More photos and information coming tomorrow. 🙂

Porsche 911 RS replica

I’ve just been having a blast in this Porsche 911 RS replica. So often, these replicas are disappointing – made on a budget and, frankly, not as good as the standard 911s on which they were based. Not so this one. It’s had a shedload of money pumped into it and it really feels good. Still needs a bit of fine-tuning but it’s a real joy to drive and to behold. More information to follow.

Porsche 964 is better than expected

I went to look at a Porsche 964 Carrera 4 for a customer today. I wasn’t expecting much, as it was a 1992 car for just £12,000. That’s cheap for a late Porsche 964 and cars are usually cheap for a reason. And the reasons were obvious. The Porsche had done 124,000 miles with no engine rebuild – and that will put buyers right off, rightly or wrongly. The front bumper was badly cracked and crazed, there was a bit of corrosion here and there and the paintwork was OK but not pristine. The rear lights and reflector had lost […]

TechArt Porsche 996

Here’s a mad Porsche 996 with a TechArt bodykit. It’s a car I had in stock a couple of years ago and have just stumbled upon this photo. What do you think? Is it right to customize Porsches in this way, or should they be left as Ferry intended?

Porsche 944 with 82 miles on the clock!

You can pick up a reasonable Porsche 944 for £5000 so to find this one for sale on eBay for £25,000 is surprising. The seller says that it is a 1988 prototype S2 built for the Detroit motor show in the US. It has a unique tailgate – instead of the usual wraparound glass lid, there’s a flat lid with a smaller vertical rear window – a bit like a Mk2 Toyota MR2. That alone is very interesting and it would be good to know the full story behind it. Assuming it’s a genuine car, then is it worth £25,000? […]

Porsche 996 – 3.4 or 3.6 engine?

Which Porsche 996 engine is better? The 3.4 or the 3.6? The original Porsche 996 came with a 3.4-litre engine that developed 300bhp at 6800rpm and 350Nm at 4600rpm. Then, in 2001, came the so-called facelifted 996 with its 320bhp (at 6800rpm) engine that developed 370Nm at 4250rpm. The 3.4-litre is a sweet, free-revving and arguable is the more fun, as you have to work the gears more to get the best from it. The 3.6, in contrast, has noticeable more mid-range torque so you can afford to be a bit more lazy with it. And it’s that extra torque […]

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