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Porsche 996 Cabriolet or Targa?

Which would you choose? It’s a difficult one as each Porsche has its own unique appeal. The Targa is the more practical choice with its lifting rear hatch, and the glass roof gives open-air motoring without any wind buffeting. The Cabriolet, on the other hand, gives the full-on open-top experience, which is hard to beat on a summer’s day. Both Porsches look great, the Targa retains the classic 911 side profile, while the 996 Cabriolet was the first open 911 to have a fully resolved roof-down appearance. I’m finding it hard to pick my favourite. What do you think? Click […]

Porsche 911 RS replica

I’ve just been having a blast in this Porsche 911 RS replica. So often, these replicas are disappointing – made on a budget and, frankly, not as good as the standard 911s on which they were based. Not so this one. It’s had a shedload of money pumped into it and it really feels good. Still needs a bit of fine-tuning but it’s a real joy to drive and to behold. More information to follow.

Porsche 964 is better than expected

  I went to look at a Porsche 964 Carrera 4 for a customer today. I wasn’t expecting much, as it was a 1992 car for just £12,000. That’s cheap for a late Porsche 964 and cars are usually cheap for a reason. And the reasons were obvious. The Porsche had done 124,000 miles with no engine rebuild – and that will put buyers right off, rightly or wrongly. The front bumper was badly cracked and crazed, there was a bit of corrosion here and there and the paintwork was OK but not pristine. The rear lights and reflector had […]

Porsche 996 – 3.4 or 3.6 engine?

Which Porsche 996 engine is better? The 3.4 or the 3.6? The original Porsche 996 came with a 3.4-litre engine that developed 300bhp at 6800rpm and 350Nm at 4600rpm. Then, in 2001, came the so-called facelifted 996 with its 320bhp (at 6800rpm) engine that developed 370Nm at 4250rpm. The 3.4-litre is a sweet, free-revving and arguable is the more fun, as you have to work the gears more to get the best from it. The 3.6, in contrast, has noticeable more mid-range torque so you can afford to be a bit more lazy with it. And it’s that extra torque […]

Is your Porsche 911 this clean?

A friend has just sent some photos of a Porsche 964 he’s restoring. It’s rather clean… 🙂

40 years of the Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7RS

The Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7RS celebrates its 40th birthday this year. The 2.7Rs is perhaps the ultimate Porsche icon – the car that is most revered and most copied. The RS was developed as a homologation special to allow Porsche to compete in GT racing – the company was required to build 500 road-going cars in order to qualify. However, the marketing department doubted whether they could persuade people to pay a premium for a 911 with few creature comforts. Thankfully, they were overruled. The car was developed from the F series 911S but was significantly modified to improve performance. […]

Is this the tidiest Porsche 911 engine bay ever?

I spotted this in the workshop this morning and couldn’t resist taking a photo. The engine develops 340bhp and sits in a gorgeous 2.7RS replica.  

Neat Porsche 996 Targa feature

Porsche has always ensured superb attention to detail, by making even the smallest parts of its cars special. Take, for example, this rarely spotted detail in the 996 Targa. Because the Targa has a lifting rear hatch, it needs courtesy lights in what is effectively a second luggage compartment. Here’s Porsche’s solution – an elegant assembly that combines a rear speaker with a beautifully shaped lamp. I wonder how many Targa owners really notice it though…  

White Porsches are cool

Following on from my last post, here is another thought on Porsche colours. The hot colour for Porsches right now is white. Actually, I was always told that white wasn’t actually a colour, but you know what I mean. White cars were super-fashionable in the 80s, thanks mainly the Golf GTI. Then, a few years later, you couldn’t sell a white car for love nor money and white Porsches were particularly unpopular, selling for less than other colours. The exceptions were RSs and the like which have always been considered to acceptable in white. Today, though, it’s gone full circle […]

What colour Porsche should you buy?

Porsches come in all sorts of colours, yet the most popular seems to be silver. And why not? Silver Porsches look superb and the shade harks back to the traditional German racing livery. I like silver Porsches. Yet, some people moan about silver Porsches, arguing that there are simply too many of them. They have a point, there are a lot of silver ones out there and maybe that dilutes the appeal. The trouble is that silver cars in general are popular. I remember reading a couple of years ago that 40 percent of new cars in the UK were […]