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Porsche of the day – 996 Carrera

Porsche of the day – 996 Carrera

The Porsche 996 gets a bad press but it really is a great 911. I had a customer round the other week looking, at first, at a 993 but he couldn’t get on with the offset pedals so I suggested he tried a 996. His initial reaction was negative, saying that he’d heard that 996s weren’t any good. But after driving this one, he realised that, actually, a 996 is just what he wants.

And what about the looks? OK, maybe the headlamps are a bit odd but, on the whole, I like the 996’s lines. They have a purity which harks back to the clean lines of the very first 911s, before they get complicated with spoilers and flared arches. From a design point of view, the 996s is spot on.

The interior’s better than some people will have you believe. It’s ergonomically spot-on and is modern and well thought out. What more could you want?

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  • Vick Singh says:

    After a 22 year long love affair with the brand, I finally got a 996tt. Before I got it,I thought I wanted a 993tt but could not afford it and still can’t but it is not the car for an average guy. The 996turbo on the other hand looks like out was built for me. Love every thing about it. Maybe one day I will get a pdk 997tt but for now my low flying 996 turbo will duo just fine, thank you.

  • Phil says:

    996 Turbo is a great choice and a lot of car for the money. Enjoy yours! 🙂

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