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Porsche of the day – 997 Carrera S

Porsche of the day – 997 Carrera S

There are, if I’m honest, quite a few Porsche 997s for sale at the moment. However, look closely at many of them and they’re a disappointment. Many 997s were bought as everyday cars and have been treated as such – parking dents, chips, scruffy interiors, high mileage, all spoil what should be a lovely car.

Not so this 2007 Carrera S. With just 17,900 miles on the clock, it’s in near-new condition, and certainly drives like a new car. It has a great specification, too, including heated seats (a must in this weather!) and the Bose sound upgrade.

It was a good car when it arrived, but now it’s spent a day with the detailer, being cleaned inside and out, and it now looks stunning. 997s don’t come much better than this one!

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  • Beau says:

    I disagree. I drive mine all the time and have had a few paint chips and am now at 76000 miles. These cars love to be driven. I take great care of mine but also know how to enjoy it. My friend has a lambo that he drives 1000 miles a year. What fun is that?

  • Phil says:

    Thanks for the comment. I quite agree that Porsches are made to be driven, but some 997s are looking a bit scruffy and unloved. When buying, it’s always good to start with a freshly minted example. 🙂

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