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Porsche 934 recreation looks like fun

Porsche 934 recreation looks like fun

I’ve just spotted this Porsche, which is coming up for sale at  at the Silverstone Auction’s Race Retro sale on 24th-26th February.

It’s a replica Porsche 934 ‘Jagermeister’ racing car and, apparently, is an accurate reproduction of the real thing. I like these recreations as they’re an affordable way to own something that looks very special, and it’s not so valuable that you’re afraid to drive it and have some fun with it. More details at AtFullChat.



  • Dante says:

    Hi Philip,

    The car is a replica made by MCG Propulsion, a small French garage specialized in Porsche, based in Belfort. If you surf their website (here:, you will find a page dedicated to the Jagermeister recreation (148 pictures including ones of the work being done). The car was also featured in the French Porsche enthusiasts magazine RS in May 2011. It was presented with another recreation a 911 SC converted to a 911 SC Group 4. They have other recreations you can find in their website like 911 3.2 transformed into 2.7 RS (very nice :P).


  • Phil says:

    Thanks, that’s interesting information. I’ve been told that the car has now been sold privately.

  • Hi Phil, sorry the above comment is incorrect, it was built by specialist vehicle preparations inDroitwich England, the private sale didn’t happen and it will be sold at silverstone auctions today, interesting to see the price as the car it is based on is for sale in California for $800,000 …..

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