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Two Porsches 993s off to their new owners

I’ve sold this lovely pair of Porsche 993s – a Carrera S and a Carrera 4S – in the last week or two. Porsche 993s are in demand, which means I’m looking for new stock. So, if you’re in the UK and you want to sell a 993 (or, indeed, any other type of Porsche) please do get in touch. I’m also particularly keen to find good Porsche 964s as well.

Porsche 964 Anniversary club

I’m a great fan of the Porsche 964 series and, in particular, enjoy the rare 964 Anniversary, a special edition built to celebrate 30 years of the Porsche 911. It’s a rare car, just 911 were built and sold around the world. I’ve only had the privilege to sell two. Also called the Celebration or the Jubi, these wide-bodied 964s came with a great spec and each one had its own number. Despite its rarity, there’s a small but active club for these cars, run by the ever-enthusiastic Thomas Englert in Germany, who owns car number 107. Thomas produces a […]

New Porsche 911 – nice car, shame about the key

It seems that not only are cars getting larger, so are car keys. I was looking around a new Porsche 911 (the 991) earlier today and the first thing that struck me about it was its key. Actually, if the key had struck me, I probably wouldn’t be in a fit state to write this… You see, it’s huge. It’s a great lump of plastic which, if you use your imagination, looks a bit like a Porsche 911. Why does your key need to resemble your car? So you can drive it around the pub bar, rather than simply slap […]

Worried about Porsche IMS failure? Here’s the answer!

Read up on Porsche 996, 997 and Boxster engines and you’ll soon be scared silly by stories of IMS (intermediate shaft) failure. Actually, it’s the bearing at the end of the shaft that can fail and, thankfully, it’s a rare occurrence. If the bearing does break up, though, bits of metal will get pumped around with the oil and will soon destroy the engine. As I said, it rarely happens but if it does, you don’t get any warning until it’s too later. And having that worry at the back of your mind can spoil your Porsche driving experience. Now, […]

Porsche 964 – the most wanted Porsche

Not too many years ago, the Porsche 964 was the unloved and unwanted 911. Not any more – people are desperate to find good examples and they’re hard to come by. There are many reasons the 964 is in demand. Here are some: 1, It’s a perfect mix of classic 911 lines with (relatively) modern technology and interior comfort (it’s got conventional heater controls, for a start). 2, It’s a rare car. During the recession of the early 1990s, when the 964 was current, Porsche struggled to sell cars and relatively few 964s were built from 1989 to 1992. The […]

Modern Porsches are full of holes, and the 996 is a design masterpiece

Take a look at this Porsche 997 Turbo (above). A mean machine, isn’t it? It simply oozes power and aggression. Now compare it to this 1968 Porsche 911T (below). A car with the same DNA but from 30 years earlier. It’s a lovely looking car but more petite and delicate-looking than the 997. Why? Because it’s lacking the newer car’s bulging arches, spoilers and intakes. It’s a pure 911 shape with no extras. The original Porsche 911’s shape was, over the years, added to with flared arches (even this 1968 car has those), front lip spoilers, rear spoilers and wings, […]

The steering wheel is your connection with your Porsche

You feel your Porsche through your steering wheel, and the choice of wheel can really transform the feel of your Porsche. During the development of the 993, Porsche did a lot of research into ‘Porscheness’ and came to the conclusion that a 911 should have a relatively large, thin-rimmed steering wheel, rather than a smaller chunky item, which is what you expect to find in sports car. Drive a 993 – or indeed any other air-cooled 911 – with the original wheel and you’ll understand the thinking about this. A thin rim has a delicate feel to it, which suits […]

Building a Porsche estate car

I was chatting to Porsche mate John Glynn on Facebook when he mentioned his plans to build a Porsche 944 estate car (or shooting brake). Just the sort of mad idea I love so I shot over to his blog to read up on his plans. Like John, I like the look of estate cars, especially small sporty ones. The Scimitar GTE was a good-looker while Volvo have long been master of this tiny niche with cars like the lovely 1800ES, the 480 and today’s neat C30. Porsche, though, has never gone down this route, with the exception of a […]

Where to get a Turbo rear spoiler for a Porsche 997

I’ve just had an email from someone looking for a Turbo-style rear spoiler for a 2005 Porsche 997 Carrera. Well, one option would be source a genuine Turbo engine lid and spoiler, new or used, but what won’t be cheap and I’m not sure how easy it would be to get the electrics working (the Turbo spoiler has a raising section which may or may not hook up to the Carrera’s rear spoiler wiring). Also, he didn’t want anything too expensive so I pointed him towards Porscheshop, which does a wide range of factory and aftermarket body parts for various […]