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New Official Porsche Centre opening in Portsmouth

A new Porsche Centre is opening in Portsmouth. This is great news for me, as Portsmouth is my nearest city – it’s only about 15 miles away. I’ve long thought that the central south coast of England has been poorly served by Porsche. At present, there’s an OPC in Bournemouth and at Mid Sussex (north of Brighton) which leaves a huge swage unprovided for. And when you consider this area includes Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester and countless smaller towns and villages, not to mention a lot of wealthy people, it makes sense for Porsche to have a presence here. Oh, and […]

Porsche 964 Turbo should have sold quicker

It’s a strange business selling Porsches. I took on this 964 Turbo almost a year ago and I thought it was have been snapped up very quickly. Priced at just £25,000 it was one of the cheapest 964 Turbos in the UK yet was far from a dog. The price was low because the car had a highish mileage – 118,000 – and wasn’t in perfect condition. Yet the engine had had extensive work done on (a top end rebuild and more) and the car’s a joy to drive. I took it out at lunchtime to take it for a […]

Looking for a facelift Porsche 996 Carrera 4 or 4S

I am looking for a really good example of a Porsche 996 Carrera 4 or 4S for a customer. Needs to be lowish mileage, great service history and be a genuine car. Colour and specification not too much of a concern. If you’re in the UK and looking to sell such a car, do please get in touch.

Porsche 993 – a great investment for the Star Wars generation?

Can a standard Porsche 993 Carrera 4 be worth £47,000? That’s double what you’d expect to pay for a reasonable narrow-bodied 993. I’ve just been sent a link to an interesting blog post by a Porsche 993 owner, Simon Das. He claims that the 993 is the car that ‘the Star Wars generation’ wants – guys in their 30s. He puts forward the usual argument for the 993 – rock-solid build quality, everything works, there’s not much to go wrong and so on (although his claim that there’s no ‘computer panel to go wrong’ isn’t quite true – that heater […]

Porsche 911 PS Spyder

I’ve just had a call from Paul Stephens, a true Porsche enthusiast who creates some amazing 911s under his PS brand. The latest of which is the incredible PS Spyder, which is a clever reinterpretation of the classic 550 Spyder of the 1950s. It’s an extreme Speedster, if you like. Check out Paul’s website for more photos – you won’t be disappointed!

The perfect garage?

I’ve found a new motoring website called At Full Chat and, among other things, it features this superb garage from Ecospace. Maybe it’s a man-thing but I dream of having a garage like this. Only difference I’d have would be a Porsche 911 inside, not a Jaguar! 🙂

MyCarCheck app for the iPhone

I’ve just received a press release saying that The Mail on Sunday (no, I don’t read it) awarded the MyCarCheck app the Number One Cash-Saving App. I’m a bit puzzled by this as it doesn’t directly save you money, but it does allow you to do data checks on cars you are considering buying which could save you from getting into a mess. Like an HPI check, the app checks a car’s provenance; it’s history, date of registration, whether it’s been written off or has finance outstanding on it. It’s an app I use regularly, as it’s always on hand […]

Porsche 997 finished Carrera Silver GT – what a great colour!

I’ve just collected this Porsche 997 Carrera S and took some photos down at my local harbourside location. The car’s finished in GT Silver Metallic and it’s a striking shade – purer than the usual Arctic Silver and a refreshing change. Don’t get me wrong, I like Arctic but it’s just become a bit too common, so it’s good to see something slightly different. The light today was perfect for it, too – beautiful! 🙂 Click here for full details of this Porsche.  

Porsche selling scam – moved to Germany

I spotted this Porsche 997 for sale on Pistonheads and thought it was dodgy, as the asking price was just £8511, so I emailed the seller to check. The reply was this: Yes is still for sale but the car is located in Berlin, Germany where I recently moved back, to my native land and brought it with me.We’ve taken very good care of the car (always garaged)and we’re only selling it because we’ve moved house to  Berlin, Germany and it’s pretty difficult to drive a RHD in this terrible traffic. It’s never had any accidents, no scratches, no dents, […]

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