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Delivering a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S to Jersey

Today combined some of my favourite things; Porsches, boats, islands and travel., it doesn’t get much better than that. I delivered a lovely Porsche 996 Carrera 4S to a client on Jersey, in the Channel Islands. This involved an early morning blast along the coast to Weymouth, my favourite seaside town. Then it was straight onto the futuristic looking fast cat for a 40kt cruise south to the Channel Islands, stopping briefly at Guernsey before arriving at Jersey, with it stunning rocky coastline. It’s a regular holiday haunt of our family; today, though, I was travelling alone and, sadly, on […]

Keep your Porsche original if you want an investment

I had an email the other day from someone wanting advice on buying an early Porsche 911 as a potential investment. Great idea if you buy the right car. And by that I mean one that’s in superb condition (no rust, thank you) and is in original condition. The first criterium is self-explanatory but the second? Well, increasingly, buyers – or should that be ‘investors’ – want original-specification Porsches that look exactly how they did when they left the factory. My enquiry included a couple of links to Porsche that are for sale – both 1970s 911s which, at first […]

Philip Raby Porsche – an update

It’s all change in my life as of today! After almost seven years of editing Total 911 (a magazine I started from scratch), not to mention more years than I care to remember working in publishing, I’ve decided that it’s time for a radical change. I’ve left Total 911 and the world of relentless monthly deadlines to concentrate on building up my Porsche consultancy, helping people to buy and sell Porsches. It’s an exciting time and looks set to be kicking off big style, with me talking a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S over to Jersey next week and returning with […]

What’s a Porsche worth?

Valuing a Porsche can be difficult, especially if it’s a rare and/or older car. You can’t simply look up a value in Glass’s Guide. It’s a case of looking at similar cars on the market, talking to other experts, drawing on experience and, in part, sucking and seeing. So many things will influence the value of a Porsche, including mileage, condition, service history, colour, specification, number of owners, desirability, rarity, how desperate you are to sell and, well, what someone’s prepared to pay for it. I never make assumptions, though. Some people will tell you that, in the case of […]

Porsche 911 gets pushed off a cliff.

This was emailed me to me today. I’ve seen it before but it never fails to make me smile. Well, it is Friday… :

Porsche 911 engines – are they better hidden away?

The new Porsche 991 has upset a few people because you can’t see its engine at all. Open the rear lid and you’re met with a plastic cowling, a couple of small fans and a brace of filler caps. Not very manly, really. But does it really matter? Owners of these cars are rarely, if ever, going to venture under the hood. If you drive a modern car, of whatever make, I’ll bet you don’t go poking around under the bonnet. I know I don’t. Also, let’s be honest here, Porsche 911 engines have never been the most exciting things […]