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Now’s the time to buy a Porsche Cayenne

Now’s the time to buy a Porsche Cayenne

With winter quickly approaching here in Great Britain, at least two of my Porsche friends are making noises about buying Cayennes. And why not? If we have another winter like last, the capable 4×4 will prove its worth. If, on the other hand, the mild autumn sets the tone for the next few months, a Cayenne is still a great car to cruise around in – on road and off.

With prices starting below £10,000, the Cayenne is the bargain of the moment, although you really should have bought in the summer before the lemmings rushed to buy 4x4s for the winter. Look around, though, and deals are still to be had, especially as some people are scared off by the fuel consumption. Choose a base-model V6, though, and the economy is really not too bad.

You won’t get a diesel at entry-level prices as that model didn’t come along until later but so what? I reckon oil burners aren’t as cheap to run as they’re made out to be, if you factor the price difference between diesel and petrol on UK forecourts.

Yep, if you’re looking for a roomy family car that’s supremely comfortable, looks distinctive (I don’t hold with the argument that it’s ugly) and will go anywhere, then a Cayenne is the way to go.

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