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Interior of the new Porsche 911 – video

Interior of the new Porsche 911 – video


Here’s an interesting video about the interior of the new Porsche 911, shot at the Frankfurt motorshow.

It clearly shows how the Porsche 911 cockpit has been radically redesigned for the 991. First impressions are good – it looks a great place to be. Sporty but also comfortable and cossetting.

Porsche is making much of the fact that the 991 cockpit is of better quality than the out-going 997; comparing it to the class-leading Panamera interior. That’s undoubtedly good news, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that the 997 cabin (below) isn’t good. I was driving this early 997 this morning and I was struck at how well the inside has stood the test of time. It’s good looking, is pleasant to feel and, well, just works.

People sometimes cite the 996 cabin (bottom) as being of poorer quality. Again, though, I’m not so sure. Yes, there are scruffy examples out there, but that’s often down to abuse by the owner; any car needs to be cared for if it’s to remain looking good. Find a decent example of the 996, and the cockpit remains a great place to be. In fact, part of me prefers the 996 interior to that of the 997. Now there’s a radical thought!

Do let me know what you think of 911 cabins, old and new, by posting a comment below.

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