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Apple iMac G3 – the classic Porsche 911 of computers

In a change from pulling Porsches to pieces, I’ve just stripped down an old Apple iMac G3 – remember the original translucent design? It was a beautifully over-engineered piece of equipment with plenty of easily (once I knew where to look) cross-head screws that made disassembly a doodle. It reminded me of an older Porsche 911, something like a 964, which is also held together with proper screws rather than annoying plastic clips. Also, like the 911, it’s a design classic. I reckon the old G3 iMac is a future antique, which is why I’m keeping mine tucked up in […]

Porsche 996 Carrera 4S – the front end

The other day, I posted a rear shot of a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S and suggested it was one of the best looking rears of any 911. The response (in various places) was mostly positive but one or two were less sure about the full-width rear reflector (I love it!). But does the 996 Carrera 4S work from other angles? Here are a couple of more photos I’ve dug out from the archives. Do leave your comments below.  

Porsche 996 Carrera 4S

I’ve just been searching through some of my old photos and stumbled upon this image of a Porsche 996 Carrera 4S. To me, it remains one of the best looking 911s ever when viewed from the rear. What do you reckon?

Porsche 996 and 997 radiator corrosion

Here’s a well-known 996 and 997 problem I spotted in the workshop last night. The front-mounted radiators and air-conditioning condensers get bunged up with leaves and other debris which holds dampness and, in turn, leads to corrosion of the radiators. And when that happens, replacement isn’t cheap. If your 996’s air-conditioning fails, there’s a good chance this is where the problem will lie. You can avoid the problem happening by checking the radiators from time to time and clearing out any debris. Also, various companies now offer protective grilles that stop leaves from getting in there in the first place. […]

White Porsches are cool again

Have you noticed that white cars are back in fashion? And it’s usually sporty models that come in this shade. I remember white being the in-colour back in the 1980s – I think the Golf GTi started the trend with its cool white paintwork with red accents. Indeed, I owned a white Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi in the same style, complete with bright red seat belts and carpets. It looks the business! Then, all of a sudden, white cars went completely out of fashion, to the extent that dealers avoided them at all costs. I remember white 911s actually being […]

Steve Jobs

The world would be a very different place if Steve Jobs hadn’t done all he did. Without the Macintosh computer, for instance, the desktop publishing revolution may never have happened. However, this speech goes beyond technology and shows Jobs as a truly inspirational person. I urge you to spend 15 minutes watching it, then be inspired by it.

Porsche 911 and Apple iPhone – winning designs

Apple’s just released a new iPhone 4S. It looks very like the old one but, under the hood, it’s all new. Faster, more sophisticated and, quite simply, better than the old one. Guess what, though, people are moaning about it. It’s not different enough, apparently. They want to see a fresh design and an ‘iPhone 5’ badge. Why, though? I’ve an iPhone 4 sitting in front of me and it’s a thing of great beauty. Functional and elegant, as all good industrial design should be. I can’t see how it could be bettered, looks-wise. All this reminds me of the […]