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New Porsche 911 iPhone/iPad app

New Porsche 911 iPhone/iPad app

To promote the new 911 (991) Porsche has released an iPhone/iPad app all about the car.

Called simply ‘The new 911’ the app is optimised for both iPhone and iPad. Central to it is video of the 991 in action, which you can interact with to a degree. Overlaid on the footage are captions about various aspects of the 911 – engine, transmission and so on. Click on one of these and you’re taken to another film which gives you more information about that area of the car. It’s neat but I’ve not found a way of getting straight to certain information without having to fumble blindly through the video.

There’s also a 360 degree view of the 911, inside and out (the inside view is particularly useful), plus a colour configurator and a picture gallery. Finally, if your device has a camera, you can take a photo and drop an image of a new 911 into it.

It’s worth downloading and spending some time with, but the Porsche 911 app isn’t going to be a killer app that you’re going to want to keep on your device and use every day.

Click here for more information on this and other Porsche apps.

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  • Jasper says:

    Phil, isn’t it self evident that THE killer app for Porsche (or any other aspirational car brand for that matter) will be a very well executed, slick car configurator?

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