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Create your ideal Porsche

Create your ideal Porsche

The Porsche Car Configurator at is always a lot of fun and now it’s been updated to allow you to create your ideal new Porsche 911 – the 991.

What’s more, it now creates a three-dimensional image of your completed car so you can view it from a range of angles, in day or night, inside and out. To be hones, this 3D ability is a bit of gimmick, I think and looks too much like something from a computer game.

Still, you don’t need to choose the 3D option and the basic configuration is excellent. Even if you’re not in a position to order a new 911, you can still have a lot of fun dreaming. And if you are lucky enough to be able to buy one, you can even send your completed specification to your local Porsche Centre. However, I’d still want to to run through the spec with the sales guys before committing, wouldn’t you?

Here are a couple of images of my dream 991. A basic Carrera with a simple spec, which is what I like. Guards Red is a classic 911 colour and is hard to beat, especially with black wheels. Some may scoff  at my choice of a Luxar Beige (hideous name, granted) leather interior but I prefer a pale cockpit to a dreary black one. OK, I could have gone to town and specced up the car more, but I believe that less is more when it comes to Porsche 911s.

Why not go to and have a go at creating your dream Porsche?

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