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New Porsche 911 iPhone/iPad app

To promote the new 911 (991) Porsche has released an iPhone/iPad app all about the car. Called simply ‘The new 911’ the app is optimised for both iPhone and iPad. Central to it is video of the 991 in action, which you can interact with to a degree. Overlaid on the footage are captions about various aspects of the 911 – engine, transmission and so on. Click on one of these and you’re taken to another film which gives you more information about that area of the car. It’s neat but I’ve not found a way of getting straight to […]

Porsche brochures on the iPad

I’ve just found out that you can now download all Porsche’s excellent sales brochures – the lovely hardback ones – onto your Apple iPad. They save as PDF files into iBooks for offline viewing. OK, you don’t get the hardback but you do get to view the superb photos on the iPad’s high-quality screen. Click here from your iPad to go straight to the link.    

Porsche is a cool brand

It’s official – Porsche is a cool brand according to, er, CoolBrands. But then we knew that already. Porsche doesn’t appear in the CoolBrand judges’ top 20, though, which is headed by Aston Martin and closely followed by Apple (yep, they’re both cool in my book). However, in the consumer vote (that’s people like you and me), Porsche rates fourth in the male vote and tenth in the female vote. Which just shows that us blokes have better taste! Here are the lists in full. What do you think of the choices? Do please reply here with your comments The […]

Do you own a Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Anniversary?

Do you own or know of a Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Anniversary? That’s one of the limited edition wide-bodied cars made in 1993 to celebrate 30 years of Porsche 911 production. If so, the 964 Jubi register wants to hear from you. The register, which is run by Thomas Englert in Germany (a top chap!) is trying to track down details of all remaining Anniversaries (911 were made). To find out more, please click here. You can even buy a watch to match your car!

Porsche 964 Turbo 3.6 – the Bad Boys car

I must confess, I’m not a huge fan of American cop films – Inspector Morse is more my thing – but the 1995 movie Bad Boys stands out. For starters, it’s very funny, contains the classic line “Don’t be alarmed, we’re negroes” and, most importantly, it features a gorgeous black Porsche 964 Turbo 3.6. The Turbo 3.6 would have been a new car when the film was made and still looks great today. Indeed, Bad Boys has given the model legendary status, and Turbo 3.6s are rare and in demand. I believe that just 83 right-hand drive examples were made. […]

The ups and downs of selling a Porsche

Selling Porsches is fun and it can sometimes take a while, especially in today’s market. However, you only ever need one buyer for a car and it’s simply a case of reaching out to that person. A car I’ve enjoyed selling has been a very rare 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo Targa. One of a handful made, it was a beautifully original low-mileage example. As I expected, it received a lot of interest from around the world. Oddly, though, it took a while to sell. The problem was that not one but two buyers had to pull out because of unforeseen […]

Great Porsche 964s wanted

I’ve just sold a lovely low-mileage example of a Porsche 964 Carrera 4 – one of the best I’ve seen. It’s this white example you see here. Ah I’ve often said before, Porsche 964s are increasingly hard to find. Well, good ones are – there are plenty of rough examples out there. And because of that, I’m always getting enquiries for people wanting to buy one. That white 964 sold within a day of me putting it on the market. So if you have a great Porsche 964, of whatever type, that you’d like to sell, then do please get […]

The Porsche 997 – a hard act to follow

With all the interest over the new Porsche 991, it would be easy to overlook the current Porsche 911 – the 997. But we shouldn’t, as it is one of the all-time great 911s, combining as it does superb looks (with a hint of 993) and fantastic handling and performance. The question many are asking, though, is what effect the new 991 will have on prices of 997s. A good question and not an easy one to answer. My feeling is that nearly new 997s will be hard to sell, as buyers will argue that they can put a few […]

Unveiling of the new Porsche 911

Work commitments meant I couldn’t see the new Porsche 911 being unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show but I didn’t really mind. After all, photos and details of the new 911 had already been released so there were no real surprises. That said, it would have still been an exciting occasion, and this video gives some of the flavour of the event.  

Create your ideal Porsche

The Porsche Car Configurator at is always a lot of fun and now it’s been updated to allow you to create your ideal new Porsche 911 – the 991. What’s more, it now creates a three-dimensional image of your completed car so you can view it from a range of angles, in day or night, inside and out. To be hones, this 3D ability is a bit of gimmick, I think and looks too much like something from a computer game. Still, you don’t need to choose the 3D option and the basic configuration is excellent. Even if you’re […]

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