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Porsche 964 3.8RS lookalike is a lot of fun

Porsche 964 3.8RS lookalike is a lot of fun

Some people get very sniffy about Porsche 911s that have modified, arguing that they should remain how they were when they left the factory. Well, that’s a fair point and there is something nice about a super-original Porsche, especially if it’s a rare model. However, I see nothing wrong with modifying relatively common and low-value Porsches.

Here’s a case in point. It’s based on a 911SC – a great car but hardly a rarity – and has been lovingly turned into a convincing (from the outside at least) 964 Carrera 3.8RS lookalike. Now, the genuine RS is one of my favourite Porsches of all time, and is very rare and very expensive. I’ve only ever driven one once – an experience I’ll never forget.

Of course, this car doesn’t drive anything like the real thing as it retains the standard SC engine (albeit with a fruity twin tailpipe exhaust) but it’s still a lot of fun and, boy does it turn heads!

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