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Porsche 911 Turbo Targa is up for sale yet again!

Porsche 911 Turbo Targa is up for sale yet again!

Selling Porsches can be a strange business. Usually, a car comes into stock, a buyer comes along, a deal is done, and the car goes away, with a smiling new owner behind the wheel.

However, for some strange reason, things have not been quite so simple with this super-rare 1988 911 Turbo Targa. It’s a lovely car – low mileage in super condition – and not surprisingly has generated a lot of interest, from the UK and overseas.

I thought I’d sold the car some time ago to a gentleman from London who, at the time, was in the USA, but was very keen to buy such a rare and collectable Porsche. However, time went on and he didn’t get back in touch then, finally, he emailed me to say that, due to a family matter, he was having to spend time in Spain and would have to back out of the deal.

Fair enough, these things happen, and I put the car back on the market.

I was then approached by a chap from Wales who was working in the Middle East. Also very keen to buy the Porsche, he quickly wired a deposit and we agreed that he’d collect the car when he came back to the UK. Then, he emailed to say that, unexpectedly, his company told him that he was no longer coming home and, instead, would remain overseas for another year.

So, once again, this Turbo Targa is back on the market. Bad news for the previous two buyers, but certainly good news for someone else out there. Please click here for more information on this collectable Porsche.

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