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Getting the right Porsche for the client

I had an email yesterday from a chap looking to buy his first Porsche 911 – always an exciting time. He’d decided he wanted an early 996 and had a realistic budget for such a Porsche. We exchanged notes and I realised that I had just the car for him – a 1999 Carrera 4 in lovely condition that had been well maintained and cherished. Now, a cynic would argue that I was being opportunistic but, no, it really was the right car for him. And when he came to view it, we chatted some more about his requirements, he […]

Washing Porsches is fun!

My first job of the day was washing a Porsche – a 996 Carrera 4 to be precise. It didn’t need anything fancy – just a quick sponge down and dry to remove some everyday grime. It was already beautifully polished with Zymol and in great condition. I have to admit that I’m not the world’s best car cleaner. I’m patient with many things, but I can’t be spending hours, if not days, detailing a Porsche – I use a very good valeter for that. However, when it comes to a quick sponge down (the Porsche not me) I’m in […]

How to save £100,000 on a Porsche 911 Turbo

I’ve just returned from the Isle of Man where I was driving the latest Porsche 911 Turbo S for Total 911 magazine. It’s an astonishing car and a lot of fun – especially on an island without speed limits! However, this example cost £130,000 (specced with Aerokit, rear wiper and, er, floor mats) which, for most people, is a helluva lot of money. More than they’d want – or could – spend on a car. However, help is at hand. You can save £100,000 simply by buying the previous-generation 911 Turbo S – the 996 variant. With essentially the same […]

The secret to an affordable Porsche 993

Porsche 993 buyers are very fussy about mileage. More so than any other model of Porsche; if a 993 has super-low mileage, the price will be higher. If, on the other hand, the mileage is slightly higher, than the price drops accordingly. This is an odd situation when you consider that the 993 has one of the most reliable and tough engines of all 911s. So long as the car’s been properly maintained, there’s no reason why a higher mileage example shouldn’t be a problem. I’m just been driving this example. It’s got 110,000 miles on the clock yet has […]

A brief history of the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 – video

Following my previous post about the new Carrera 4 GTS, here’s a great little video that gives you a short history of the 911 Carrera 4. Well worth watching!  

What’s the point of the Porsche 997 Carrera 4 GTS?

Porsche has just announced yet another incarnation of the 997. The Carrera 4 GTS is, as the name suggests, a four-wheel drive version of the GTS. Now, the Carrera GTS is a great halfway house between the Carrera and the GT3 and, crucially, represents superb value for money. If I was buying a brand-new 911, it’s the one I’d choose. However, already people are asking what is the point of the Carrera 4 GTS? Good question and to find out, we need to go back in time. Porsche originally introduced the Carrera 4 back in 1989, as the first version […]

Can you go from a Porsche 911SC to a GT2 RS?

Making money on property is easy. You’ve probably done it yourself, just by owning a house. My first house was a dilapidated cottage bought for £50,000. My current home is worth ten times that without a comparative increase in mortgage. OK, so some of the gain is thanks to rising property prices but much of it is due to some judicious buying and selling. I’ve always bought in good areas and targeted houses that needed some renovation. In an ideal world, I’d still be doing it now – a depressed property market is a great time to upsize – but […]

Depreciation and Porsches

I’ve just received a press release from HPI, the car-check company, urging car buyers to factor in deprecation when buying a car. This is something I’ve long been saying, and argue that an older Porsche can work out less expensive than a modern saloon car, if you consider how much money the latter will lose in value. Buy an older Porsche 911, such as a 964 or 993, and it should at least hold its value, if not go up (who can predict what will happen in future?). Even newer 911s, the 996 and 997, can be relatively depreciation-proof so […]