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Have a cartoon made of your Porsche!

Have a cartoon made of your Porsche!

Here’s a fun idea; a stylished cartoon portrait of your Porsche or other favourite car!

The idea comes from artist Steve Hunt who, not surprisingly, calls his service CARtoon. Well, what else?

Steve’s sent me a couple of examples of his work; a red classic 911 Turbo and a silver 997 Turbo. For me, the older car works best as he’s exaggerated the 911’s famous shape. The 997, on the other hand, with its chopped look, doesn’t look like a 911 at first glance.

Take a look at Steve’s website and you’ll see further examples of his work – I particularly like the 4x4s. The images are reasonably priced and would make a great gift for a car (toon) enthusiast.

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