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Porsche 997 interior colours

Porsche 997 interior colours

What colour leather would you choose if you were buying a brand new Porsche 911?

Judging by the cars I see on the secondhand market, most people’s favourite shade is black – as that’s what I find inside most 997s I see.

However, do people choose black because that’s what they really like, or because they feel it’s a safe option that will make the Porsche easier to sell when the time comes? Is it the interior version of silver paint, the automotive equivalent of painting your home with magnolia?

I think that’s wrong. If you’re lucky enough to be able to order a new Porsche, then you should choose the colours – inside and out – that you want, not what the next owners may want. And besides, if you like a certain shade, there’s a far chance someone else will, too. I know a dealer who refuses to stock Porsches with Savanna leather (a sort of yellowish beige) because ‘no one wants it.’ If that were true, no one would have ordered cars with Savanna, would they? And there are a fair few out there so-adorned. I recently bought a lovely black 996 with Savanna and, as soon as I advertised it, I had a call from someone saying it was exactly the colour combination he was looking at, and a sale was quickly completed.

Now, I don’t dislike black leather (stop sniggering at the back) and it certainly looks good in 911s. However, it’s also refreshing to see other shades. For instance, I’ve just taken on a lovely, low mileage 997 Carrera S in Meteor Grey with a lovely Cocoa leather interior. Cocoa is Porsche’s posh way of saying chocolate brown and it looks wonderful. Warm shades like this really lift a 911’s interior and give it a sumptuous, welcoming and cosseting feel that you simply don’t get with black. It’s also reminiscent of the Sport Classic’s cockpit.



  • Claude says:

    I was one of those lucky enough to order a new 2011 Carrera 4S and after months of hesitation I went for a meteor grey exterior and carrera red interior and I dont regret it at all! As of today, it’s the first compliment I hear from people about the car!

  • Phil says:

    Great choice. I love red leather interiors! 🙂

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