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Porsches – you really do get attached to them!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t sell Porsches to make money – of course I do. However, that’s not the only reason – I also love being involved in Porsches, driving them, cleaning them, talking to owners, and helping people make the right choice of Porsche for them. Also, I have to confess that, every Porsche I sell, I get a little bit attached to emotionally. That may sound odd when they pass through my hands regularly, but I really do, and feel sad when one leaves. Let me explain by looking at some of the Porsches I […]

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 – official announcement from Porsche

It’s not been the best kept secret from Porsche – I heard rumours some time ago about the 997 GT3 RS 4.0 and photos were leaked yesterday. Today, though, it’s official, with the following statement from Porsche: The flat six 4.0-litre sports engine, the biggest 911 engine ever, is also the most powerful naturally aspirated engine with 125 hp/litre. It achieves its maximum power of 500 hp at 8,250 revs per minute and delivers its maximum torque of 460 Nm at 5,750 rpm. This impressive performance continues on track, this limited edition model achieves a Nürburgring-Nordschleife lap time of 7:27 […]

Great Porsche 997 advert

I’m sure plenty of people will relate to the boy in the advert. How many of you have realised your dreams? Porsche ownership does not have to be expensive. Please browse our website to find out more.

Porsche 996 Carrera 4 is a great car. Why buy a 997?

The poor old Porsche 996 gets a bad press from some quarters. Mostly, this is unjustified but I can see why – nowadays some 996s I see are tired and neglected. They don’t look very nice, inside or out, and are disappointing to drive. Find a good one, though, and the 996 is a great car that drives like a 911 should. I picked up this lovely Arctic Silver Carrera 4 the other day and drove it from Oxfordshire to my south coast base, and I loved every minute of the journey. Even my ten-year-old son, who’s grown up with […]

The ultimate Porsche fantasy?

This was shared by the Facebook Porsche in the movies page, and is a trailer for a 1980s Australian film called Freedom! It shows a young man fantasising about a Porsche 911 Turbo and a beautiful woman, while he’s playing a computer game (or at least that’s my interpretation of it). There’s some wonderfully mad driving in the silver 911 Turbo, including getting it airborne and taking it off road, plus a cool soundtrack. Crazy stuff and a lot of fun to watch! The Porsche gets written off in a spectacular crash and, looking at the footage, it looks like […]

Turbocharged Porsche 964 Speedster

Look what’s up for sale on eBay USA. It’s a genuine Porsche 964 Speedster that’s been fitted with a twin-turbo 993 engine that’s said to produce 600bhp. I’m not sure if I like it or not. Part of me is uncomfortable with the idea of a rare Speedster like this being bastardised. On the other hand, I do admire modified Porsches and this one certainly looks mean, with its Strosek hardtop and Ruf wheels. It’s obviously a serious conversion; not only does it have the 993 Turbo engine, it also has that car’s six-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive. Impressive stuff. […]

Porsche 997 Sport Classic replica

The moment I set eyes on the gorgeous Porsche 911 Sport Classic, I fell in love. Everything from the battleship grey paint to the ducktail rear spoiler and Fuchs lookalike wheels looked just right to me, as did the retro brown leather interior. And that was before I even drove it. What a car! Of course, with production limited to 250 and a price tag of over £140,000 there was no way I was ever going to own a Porsche Classic, but it did occur to me that replicas would surely be appearing very quickly. Oddly, it’s taken longer than […]

Treat your car as a home

When I hit 17 and bought my first car, an older and wiser person said “Cars will make you poor.” Yes, they can suck up money. However, they don’t have to. Change the way you think about buying cars and you can actually reduce the cost of your motoring – and maybe even make a profit. Indeed, after I was told that, I made a decision never to lose money on cars. As a teenager I would buy a car, run it for a while, tart it up, then sell it again. And I always made a profit. This happy […]

Switching from left to right

A 993 for under £15,000 is unusual so an advert for the car above caught my attention. Prices of 993s, perhaps more than for any other 911, are very sensitive to mileage – buyers want low-mileage examples and very high mileage cars are worth less. Therefore, my first thought was that this must be a high mileage car, and I was right – 143,000. Now, 993s are tough cookies and, if one has been well looked after, there’s no reason to be scared of big miles and it can be a great way of getting a cheap Porsche. However, this car has […]