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The cheapest Porsche 997 yet?

The cheapest Porsche 997 yet?

It’s taken a long time for Porsche 997 prices to drop below £30,000 in the UK. This is partly because they’re great cars and partly because the recent drop in new car sales has led to a shortage of used stock.

Now, though, as these great Porsches get older – the 997 has been with us since 2004 remember – prices are inevitably dropping, but rarely much below that magic thirty grand mark.

I was surprised, then, to see this advert for a Porsche 997 Carrera on sale for just £21,995 – you can pay more than that for an older 996!

So, what’s the story? I’ve emailed the seller for more information but, as yet, haven’t had a reply. It’s a strange advert, though. The 3.6-litre car is described as an ‘S lookalike’ – I assume on account of the wheels, tailpipes and – this is inexcusable – a ‘Carrera S’ badge on the rump.

The advert goes on to say that the Porsche was registered as Cat D two years ago; which means an insurance company deemed it uneconomical to repair but someone went on to repair it anyway. This need not be a problem, as I recently discussed in Total 911 magazine, so long as the car is well priced – typically 20 percent down. However, the seller says that the car passed an HPI inspection and now is no longer Cat D. Now, as far as I know, once a car is Cat D, it remains so for life, there’s no way of unrecording it, so that’s odd. And if that was the case, why sell the Porsche for such a low figure? Especially as it’s only covered 53,000 miles.

One to tread carefully with. It could be a very cheap way into Porsche 997 ownership if it checks out well. I just hope that whoever buys it removes the erroneous ‘S’ badge!

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  • Lloyd Deakin says:

    Yes Phil you are correct, if a car has been registered with a category there is no way of removing it from the MIATA database which shows up on HPi, Experian or Text/Web checks.

    If the car has been inspected it simply reads as ‘Condition Inspected’ on the report but the Cat-D, C, or F will still remain.

    Did you know a cheap £1.50 text check supplies more data than a HPi report?

    Example: I purchased a nice 996 a few years back, the dealer performed a full HPi in front of my eyes and it came back squeaky clean however when I came round to selling the car some 15 months later the buyer performed a £1.50 text-check, this came back as stolen-recovered! I was fuming and decided to complain to HPi. They said the car was stolen but later recovered and no claim was made therefore it was removed from the HPi record. Shocking!!!

  • Phil says:

    Thanks for this, Lloyd – very interesting and a bit worrying, too!

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