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Porsche 964 Targa is very yellow

Porsche 964 Targa is very yellow

I’ve been having a real 964 fest recently, with the Cabriolet I’m selling, a Turbo I inspected for a client, a coupe on the way soon and, today, this eyecatching yellow Targa.

The car’s been bought by a client overseas and I collected it today and delivered it to the shipping agent.

Now, some people won’t like the colour one bit but I do. It’s a colour-to-sample which is darker and deeper than the more usual Speed Yellow. Indeed, a 996 GT3 in that shade hooked up behind me on the M25 and it looked positively insipid next to the 964.

I’m sure the new owner will be delighted with the Porsche – he was particularly keen to find a yellow Targa to replace one he owned in the past and, being a purist, did not want to buy a car in another colour and respray it.

I’ve said before that one of the joys of this job is finding people their dream car. Conversely, though, I don’t like taking Porsches away from sellers. Almost without fail, they are sad to the see the car go and the lady owner of this 964 Targa was no exception. As always, though, she has promised herself another 911 one day soon!


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