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Porsche 996 prices – what’s happening?

Porsche 996 prices – what’s happening?

I’ve had a couple of calls this morning from people wanting to buy Porsche 996s, and they’ve spotted what I’ve seen – prices seem stronger than they were a month or two ago.

Then, for a budget of £16,000 you could get yourself a half-decent facelift model, with the benefits of a 3.6-litre engine, restyled headlamps and a nicer interior, with a better feel to the buttons and a proper glovebox. Try to find such a car now, and you’ll struggle. Even the original 3.4-litre cars seems to be fetching stronger money, with decent examples touching the aforementioned £16,000 figure.

Of course, there are still the super-cheap examples out there but, generally, they’re tired and neglected early cars that are best avoided.

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