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Porsche 964 – left- to right-hand drive conversion uncovered

Porsche 964 – left- to right-hand drive conversion uncovered

There’s an interesting silver Porsche 964 Cabriolet being sold in the Midlands at the moment. It sounds all very good but I’ve just been told that it is, in fact, a car that originated in mainland Europe. Not a problem in itself, but it also transpires that the Porsche has been converted from left-hand drive to right-hand drive.

Now, this is something that happened when these cars were newer and had a high value. It didn’t happen often, though, as it was an expensive conversion – I remember seeing a near-new 993 Turbo being converted by a UK specialist and the final bill was £15,000. He did the job properly but admitted himself that the car would always be worth less than a genuine right hooker and wondered if it was worth doing.

It’s complex job because a new wiring loom is needed, along with a new dash, steering rack and all sorts. Even the doors need changing as the mirrors are in different positions, left and right. Because of this, some conversions weren’t done properly – I once saw a 968 that had been done appallingly and the car was not safe to drive.

So, any such conversion will be worth less than a ‘proper’ right-hand drive car, and if it’s not been done well it could be dangerous. Now I don’t know the condition of this particular Porsche but I suggest that potential buyers proceed with caution, get the car inspected and ensure that it’s priced accordingly.

Personally, I rather like driving left-hand drive cars in the UK – there’s something special about it.



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