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Porsche 997 Carrera GTS – a good buy?

Porsche 997 Carrera GTS – a good buy?

I’ve just driven the new Porsche 997 Carrera GTS and am mightily impressed with it.

Cynics have asked what the point of the car is. Drive it and you will know the answer. It’s basically a Carrera S with the wider rear bodywork of the 4S combined with the usually optional Powerkit and, crucially, a revised suspension set-up. No, it’s not jut been hardened but but rather reassessed to give a positive but compliant ride and the best steering I’ve experienced on a 911.

In effect, it’s a Sport Classic for about half the price.

Porsche is expecting it to be the most popular 997 in 2011, and I can see why. For around £78,000 you get a superb specification and a sublime driver’s car that can be used every day. Some of the cars on the press launch had been specced up, pushing the price to over £95,000 in some cases, but if I was buying, I’d stick as closely to the basic spec as possible, including the lovely and practical Alcantara seats and steering wheel.

As ever, I wonder what residual values will be like in, say, three years time. Well, I think a GTS will be the 997 that used buyers will be wanting and, as such, a GTS will hold its value better than an equivalent 997. That said, if Porsche does sell a lot, then it’s not going to be a rare car so buyers will have a good choice when the cars do filter onto the secondhand market. So I predict GTSs will carry a small premium over standard Carreras and will be easier to sell. And if you’re thinking of buying one in three years time, you’ll have competition – from me. I want one!

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