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Porsches being exported from the UK

Porsches being exported from the UK

I had my eye on this fun RS-inspired Porsche 964 for a Total 911 feature and perhaps as a little project for myself. However, the seller has just been in touch to say the car’s been sold and is on its way to Hong Kong.

Now, this is an increasingly common story. I recently sold a lovely and rare 964 Anniversary to a buyer in Hong Kong, and two 3.2 Carreras to Australia (where it’s much easier to import pre-1989 cars). I also have regular enquires from these countries and South Africa – all regions that are suffering from a shortage of good second-hand Porsches (and those there are are often expensive).

While this is certainly good news for UK sellers, in the long term it could lead to a shortage of decent classic Porsches in this country. Let’s face it, decent 964s are increasingly hard to come by; I was speaking to someone last week who claimed there wasn’t a single 964 Carrera 2 manual coupe on Pistonheads classifieds.

I have people looking for, in particular, 964s and 3.2 Carreras – in the UK and overseas – so if you have one to sell, do please get in touch.


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