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Porsche 964 Anniversary created a lot of interest

Porsche 964 Anniversary created a lot of interest

I recently had a Porsche 964 Anniversary for sale. That’s the wide-bodied 1993 car built to celebrate the 911’s 30th birthday.

With unique paint, interior trim and badging, any Anniversary is a rare car, this one particularly so because it was a low mileage example.

I was astonised at the interest this rare Porsche attracted. I had enquiries from all around the world, including Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong. In the end, the car has been sold to someone in Hong Kong – which is nice in a way because that’s where the Porsche had first been registered. Only 42 right-hand drive Anniversaries came to the UK and I believe just five were sold in Hong Kong. So it’ll be extremely rare there.

It’s a lovely car and, I’m sure, will be an excellent investment for the buyer. It’ll be interesting to see what Anniversary values are like in five years’ time. I’ll probably look back and wish I’d bought it myself!

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