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What price a classic Carrera?

What price a classic Carrera?

I had an email the other day from someone who’d spotted a 1974 2.7 Carrera coming up for auction with a guide price of £18,000. My initial reaction was that this sounded cheap and gave him the usual caveats about rust and so on. Buying a supposed bargain can end up costing you dearly if the bodywork needs attention because of corrosion – and many 911s of this age do need at least some rust sorting out.

I suggested he got someone local to check the car out beforehand, which he did, and the inspection concluded that the car needed about £8000 spending on it to get it up to standard. Apparently, there was evidence of a front-end impact that hadn’t been properly rectified but, that apart, the bodywork was good.

My chap went along to the auction, hoping to be driving home in a classic 911 but he was disappointed. The car sold for £30,000, which was out of his price bracket, especially considering the extra work that was required. I wonder if the final buyer was aware of what needed to be done to the car.

This does show, though, that prices of classic 911s are holding up well, as people turn to them as a better investment than money in the bank.

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