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Do try to be original!

Do try to be original!

Here’s a car I spotted for sale that bothers me. It’s actually a 1987 3.2 Carrera, but you’d never guess it. It’s been ‘updated’ with 964 bumpers and rear spoiler plus an aftermarket front spoiler. Inside, it looks as if someone got a Halfords gift voucher for Christmas and spent it all on the poor old 911.

OK, someone must like it to have done that (or maybe they don’t, which is why they’re selling the car now) but I’d much rather see an original 3.2 Carrera.

And I’m not the only one. Increasingly, buyers of older 911s are looking at the purchase as, at least partly, an investment and original cars are considered the best bet if you want to retain value. A heavily modified Porsche, such as this one, is always going have limited appeal and will be worth less than a nice unmolested one.

OK, this is an extreme example but I’m finding that buyers are getting ever fussier about originality, even turning their noses up at non-standard radios. Sadly, though, there aren’t many completely original 911s left from the 1980s and 1990s, with 3.2s and – even more so – 964s having been changed over the years.

For years, 964 owners have fitted later-style wheels and mirrors (I’ve done it myself) which always enhanced the cars’ value but now I predict a move away from such changes, and the few non-updated examples out there being increasingly sought after.

So, if you’ve got a completely original 911SC, 3.2 Carrera or 964, then keep it that way. Or, if you want to modify it, ensure that you keep the original parts so it can be returned to its factory appearance if required.

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  • Dot O'Toole says:

    Well believe it or not I’ve owned that car twice and currently am the present owner. Since 1999 first time I owned it until now I get offers for it every week the last one being £18500 last Saturday. I won’t sell it again despite the “Halfords” interior, actually hand turned billet aluminium. Not all 911 owners are constantly concerned over the residual value. That’s your thought process as a vendor. We drive and modify if we see fit because we love the cars and maybe aren’t all happy to be the same. Considering your not a fan of modified 911s I notice you have a copy of a modified 911 for sale Oh and a “backdate” Which is another growing market. 911s have always been so easy to update, backdate and even sideways date whlst retaining the option to restore if wished. Maybe it doesn’t suit your personal needs because an original is easier to sell. It’s not all about the money Phil x

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